Traynors Vermouth (Moscow) Mule

Traynors Vermouth (Moscow) Mule

  • Michael Traynor

A little did you know moment here:  

Did you know that the Moscow Mule was invented in Manhattan in 1941?  It had nothing to do with Russia other than vodka and being served very cold.  It makes it funny that I keep seeing it on menus as an American Mule, because well...  It is very American!





The Vermouth Mule

 Grab your copper mule cup, fill with ice and mix the following ingredients in a cocktail shaker with some ice and then strain into the mule cup:

4 oz Madonna Vermouth
1 oz Strong Ginger Beer
0.5 oz Lime Juice (squeeze half a lime into the glass and discard)

We like to garnish ours with a sprig of mint from our gardens when in season. If not, its easy to grab some from the grocery store.

If we know we are going to be really busy and we wont be able to handle the orders, we like to batch this drink. It holds up well and making a big batch is great for a large group. We will mix the ingredients in our large cocktail jars, throw in a few wedged limes for extra flavour and pour glasses as we need them.

It is important to note that you do not add the ice to the batch, save it until you are ready to serve and add to the cup and pour the mule over the ice. You don’t want to water down the flavours!