Traynor- Madonna Vermouth Spritz

Traynor- Madonna Vermouth Spritz

  • Michael Traynor

Vermouth SpritzThe Vermouth Spritz is a classic Spanish wine cocktail that is served as an aperitif on a hot sunny day.  We serve on our patio all summer long.


Vermouth Spritz

Add ice to a large wine or highball glass and then add in the following ingredients:

4 oz Madonna Vermouth
1 oz Club Soda
0.5 oz Lemon Juice (squeeze a quarter wedge of a medium sized lemon into the glass)

When in season, we love to garnish with a fresh lavender sprig from our gardens, but if thats not available we will use a lemon wheel.

As a savoury alternative, try using green olives instead of lemon juice and lemon. It gives the drink a bit of saltiness and is almost like a martini light.