Somm x Traynor’s Secret Menu Cocktail

Somm x Traynor’s Secret Menu Cocktail

  • Traynor Vineyards

Who doesn’t love feeling like they are part of a secret club? The good news is, we’re letting the secret out — well part of it. We have partnered with Somm, a member-based wine app and club that unlocks special experiences with their partner venues — and we are one of the first wineries based in Prince Edward County to be part of the program! 

Somm brings the digital and physical world of wine and food into one place on their app, where you can get sommelier wine recommendations, wine club selections delivered to your door, plus hard-to-get dining reservations at some of the hottest restaurants. You can pick from two tiers of their memberships, appropriately named Somm Cru and Grand Cru. When we were asked to partner with Somm, we had to think of what we wanted to exclusively offer their members, and something that could only be found at Traynor in Prince Edward County. 



As a winery, of course something to do with wine was the obvious choice — but when have we ever gone with the obvious choice? What else comes to mind when you think of Traynor? If it’s the weird, wonderful, funky and natural, you’ve got us right — from our beloved Pét Nats, Piquettes and Orange wines, we love to do things differently here. We have a deep passion for experimenting in the cellar room, but also being true to organic farming practices and the biodiversity of our vineyard. We are also proud of our vermouth offerings, which is a true reflection of the Prince Edward County area, and something we’re always proud to release and share with our guests. 



So, what are we offering Somm members? Can you guess based on the hints above? Maybe you guessed it — it’s a cocktail crafted exclusively for Somm members as part of our secret menu. We’d love to share more details about the cocktail, but we don’t want to give away the surprise!

In order to sip on this secret cocktail, come visit us at the winery and let us know you are part of the Somm family or make a reservation to visit email us at If you’re interested in learning more about Somm or joining, you can learn more about it here

We hope to see you out on the patio — the sun is still shining in Prince Edward County, and we’re going to soak in every bit of it.