Red Pet-Nat
Red Pet-Nat
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Red Pet-Nat


To our beloved Red Pet-Nat enthusiasts,

By now, you may have heard about this sparkling beauty of ours, slightly too excited to share its fizz with the world or even sometimes your kitchen walls...

We've decided to embrace its playful nature and bring it back online. The taste is excellent, but its stability is a bit of a gamble.

With 25% off, you can go two ways: supercool it for 30 minutes before enjoying this fantastic Gamay and Vidal blend with friends, or bring it to your best enemy's housewarming party without any warning, of course.

- Super Dry
- Raspberry and pomegranate, complemented by notes of blood orange on the finish.

Disclaimer: Chill it over for 30 minutes in the freezer before opening those bottles, then crack them open safely in a sink!
Be aware that you have a 50/50 chance of a super sparkly eruption

Product Description:

Introduce yourself to the unique taste of our bright and fruity red sparkler, crafted from 70% Gamay Noir and 30% Vidal Blanc grapes, fermented and bottled at our winery in Prince Edward County. This wine is vegan, natural, and made using traditional methods, making it a perfect choice for those who love raw wines. With a low alcohol content of 9.4% and 4g/L residual sugar, it's a perfect choice for any occasion.

Tasting Notes:

This red sparkler has a bright and fruity aroma with notes of Raspberry, Pomegranate and dried tarragon on the nose. On the palate, it has lively bubbles with a blood-orange finish. The wine is well balanced with a moderate acidity and a subtle sweetness that makes it perfect for sipping on a warm summer day or any occasion. It is light-bodied with a refreshing finish that lingers on the tongue.

 Technical Notes:

  • Grape Varieties:  70% Gamay Noir, 30% Vidal Blanc
  • Alcohol:  9.4%
  • Residual Sugar:  4g/L
  • SO2 @ Bottling: >3mg/L
  • VQA Ontario VQA
  • Vintage: 2021

 Food Pairing Suggestions:

  • Grilled meats, especially burgers and sausages
  • Light pasta dishes
  • Poultry, such as roasted chicken and turkey
  • Spicy dishes, such as Thai or Mexican cuisine
  • Dark chocolate

 Serving Suggestions:

  • Best served chilled
  • Ideal temperature: 7-10°C