Images of new FORTIFIED WINE ALTA from Traynor Family Vineyard a winery in Prince Edward County, Ontario 100 ACRES WOOD
Images of new FORTIFIED WINE ALTA from Traynor Family Vineyard a winery in Prince Edward County, Ontario 100 ACRES WOOD



Tasting Notes:

Alta Red exudes opulence and depth. Its deep, rich red hue is a prelude to a symphony of aromas - candied cherry, dried fig, intertwined with undercurrents of chocolate, tobacco, and a whisper of leather. On the palate, it presents as full-bodied and luscious, culminating in a subtly sweet finish that lingers. 

Winemaker's Notes:

Introducing the reimagined Alta Red, a wine that mirrors the palate of my wife, Rebecca, and the essence of our journey. Our previous vintages from 2013 to 2016 were stepping stones to this bold creation. Inspired by Rebecca’s fondness for appassimento-style, port-like wines, and robust reds, we embarked on a quest to craft a wine that truly resonates with her tastes.

In the cool climate of Prince Edward County, achieving the intensity of big, bold reds can be a challenge. Our initial experiment with appassimento, involving drying grapes on racks, was an adventurous yet challenging endeavor. The process, fascinating as it was, invited an unanticipated guest - Brettanomyces. This wild yeast, beloved in beer but notorious in wine, taught us a valuable lesson about balance and the fine line between distinctiveness and undesirability.

Thus, we pivoted our approach. Leveraging our experience with spirit-making for our 5th Element, we ventured into the realm of fortified wines. Utilizing our own distilled spirits, we fortified Alta Red, integrating it into a meticulously crafted solera system. This method allows each vintage to contribute its unique character - the vibrancy of new wine melds with the maturity and complexity of the aged, creating a harmonious ensemble.


Food Pairings:

This wine's rich tapestry of flavors offers versatility in pairing. It finds harmony with robust cheeses and nuts, while its depth complements a spectrum of desserts, from spiced cakes to decadent chocolate. It's equally at home accentuating savory dishes or as a contemplative accompaniment to a fine cigar.

Technical Notes:

  • Variety: Marquette
  • Appellation: Non-VQA
  • Production: 600 Bottles
  • Alcohol: 18.0%
  • Residual Sugar: 25g/L
  • Vintage: Non-Vintage Solera
  • Average Age: 4.5 years

Back Label Description:

Bold inspiration, rich layers of cherry, fig, and subtle chocolate. Perfect with strong cheeses, desserts, or a contemplative cigar.