Great Big Sea Bundle Pack
Great Big Sea Bundle Pack

Great Big Sea Bundle Pack


Embark on a journey through time with the Great Big Sea bundle pack, featuring three uniquely crafted wines inspired by the ancient Roman technique of Turriculae. Each bottle in this collection—ranging from subtly salted to boldly seasoned—captures the essence of innovation meeting tradition. Dive into the depths of winemaking history with these limited-edition wines, meticulously created to explore the fascinating interplay of salt with the rich flavors of Seyval Blanc. Perfect for the adventurous palate, this bundle invites you to taste the legacy of the past, reimagined for today's wine lover.

The Wines:

Great Big Sea #1: A Delicate Salt Infusion for the Contemporary Taste:  Showcasing the experimental spirit and historical inspiration behind the wines.  Crafted with a touch of Ontario rock salt, this Orange wine blend offers a crisp, intriguing twist for the modern palate. Perfect for those seeking a delicate yet distinctive taste experience.

Great Big Sea #2: Echoing Ancient Recipes with Local Craftsmanship:  Enhanced with a Turriculaue's traditional dose of rock salt, this wine echoes ancient Mediterranean craftsmanship, presenting a bold, savoury depth to the esteemed Orange Blend

Great Big Sea #3: Pushing Boundaries in Preservation and Flavor:  With a generous infusion of rock salt, this variant pushes the boundaries, offering a robust, enduring flavour profile that challenges and delights. A pioneering choice for the adventurous.


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