Mixed Packs

Mixed Packs

Pre-selected themed packages.  Easy and save big!  10% off on three, 20% off individual product pricing for six packs and free shipping!

Sparkling Wine Mixed Pack

Here’s a great idea!  Get a mixer pack of our sparkling wines and save a little money at the same time!  Bottle each of our Pet-Nat, Sparkling Vidal and Piquette.  Yay!

Save 10% off bottle price on three pack and 20% on six pack.  Plus free shipping!

$75.00 $85.00
Orange Wines and Skin Fermented Whites

How about a juicy selection of our delicious skin fermented whites?  Doesn’t that sound lovely?

A bottle each of our Inclusion Orange, Skin Fermented Chardonnay and our Cull Chardonnay to save $15 on a three pack off bottle price, or double it up to save $45.

Plus free shipping!

$100.00 $115.00
Mixed Pack of Reds

Want more reds and want a deal?  How about a bottle each of our Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc and Alta Red?  Ummm, yum!  

Save 10% off bottle price on three pack and 20% off on six pack!  Plus free shipping!

$85.00 $95.00
Vermouth- Mixed Pack

A mixed pack of our Vermouth?  What!?  It’s true.  Dream and anything is possible.  

Even better?  Save 10% off on three, and 20% on six.  Plus free shipping!

$95.00 $105.00