The Most Refreshing Cocktail You’ll Drink All Summer

The Most Refreshing Cocktail You’ll Drink All Summer

  • Courtney Evans

Is there anything more refreshing than a crisp light cocktail on a hot summer day? Especially one that requires minimal effort and ingredients?! This refreshing summer cocktail is made with the Traynor Madonna Vermouth. There’s no need to add much more to this delicious fortified wine, because check out what’s already in it! The Madonna White Vermouth is made with locally foraged and farmed rose, lilac, thyme, rhubarb, lavender, cedar, peppermint, tarragon, dandelion, sage, hops, oregano, orange mint, wormwood, lemon balm, nasturtium, chamomile, juniper, spruce tips, hyssop, yarrow, staghorn sumac and lemon verbena. Pour this Vermouth on top off ice, add a few complimentary ingredients and you’ve got yourself the most refreshing cocktail you’ll drink all summer! Here’s exactly how you make it:


2oz Traynor Madonna Vermouth

4oz Perrier lemon orange sparkling water

3 strawberries sliced

4 Basil leaves

4 Mint leaves

Orange slice



Add ice, mint, basil and strawberries to a large glass. Pour in Traynor Madonna Vermouth and Perrier lemon orange sparkling water and mix. Garnish glass with orange slice. Sip and enjoy!


By Courtney Evans