Hillier Sour

Hillier Sour

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Ready to say goodbye to warm summer days, and hello to cozy fall evenings? We’ve got the perfect cocktail for you to make the transition that much easier. This Hillier Sour is everything you’d look for in a fall cocktail, whether you’re entertaining guests or just feel like treating yourself. It’s easy to make and perfect for any occasion from bonfires to Thanksgiving digestifs.


Rye and wine for mixed drinks


Step 1: Fill your shaker with lots of ice

Step 2: Pour the whisky, lemon juice and syrup into the shaker

Step 3: Shake to mix all of the ingredients together until they’re chilled

Step 4: Strain ingredients into your rocks glass full of fresh ice

Step 5: Pour the Pinot Noir gently on top of the drink over a spoon to make sure it stays on top

Step 6: Cheers & sip!

Rye and wine mixed drink called hillier sour

This cocktail balances the oaky and vanilla tastes from the whisky with the acidity of the lemon juice, while highlighting the fruity notes from the Traynor’s Pinot Noir. It’s a mouthful that is perfect all year round, plus you can’t go wrong with whisky or red wine in the colder months so obviously combining them is going to be a recipe for good times. 

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