New Year, New Pét-Nats

New Year, New Pét-Nats

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Why save the sparkling wine for just midnight on New Year’s Eve when you can have it year-round? With 2022 already off to an unpredictable start we could all use some positivity and something to add a bit of sparkle to our day — and who says that can’t be wine? 

The newest additions to Traynor’s Pét-Nat line up are all about being playful, having a bit of fun, with a dash of nostalgia to bring you back to lighter and brighter days. If you are a fan of Traynor’s classic Pét-Nats or the experimental wines in the Big Eazy line, then hold on, because these two new wines are the best of both worlds. Something funky, experimental, and fizzy. Nothing too serious, so you don’t have to feel any guilt popping it open on a Tuesday when the mood strikes. 

Green Meanie Pét-Nat

A lightly sparkling Pét-Nat made of 100% Vidal grapes that was originally intended to be a Vinho Verde style white wine, but Mike and Richard loved the aromatic profile on the wine so much during fermentation, they decided to accelerate the process and bottle the wine as a Pét-Nat instead. This wine can transport you out of the depths of winter with notes of Bosc pear, crab apple and candy floss. There’s a subtle nectarine finish that rounds out the wine and makes it perfect for Eazy sipping. 


Hot Rocket Pét-Nat 

This wine was quite literally made up as Mike and Richard went along, rolling with the punches of harvest and what the grapes had to offer. A bubbly made up of 50% Gamay Noir and 50% Baco Noir, and originally intended to be an affordable Lambrusco-style wine without a plan. Harvest began early on the Gamay and the team didn’t think it would fully ripen for table wine but would be the perfect sparkling wine base. The result? A light, fun sparkling wine with an interesting dense purple colour. Notes of blackberry, cherry and sage bring you back to warmer days, and finishes with cranberry and notes of thyme. 

If you’re a fan of Pét-Nats, the classics that got us through 2021 are also still available — White, Rosé and Red styles. If you enjoyed the Big Eazy wines in 2021, stay tuned for the 2022 releases at the end of January. While we hold our breath for what’s next this year, at least we can count on some delicious local bubbles to carry us through the winter.

Keep an eye on Traynor’s social channels @traynorvineyard for upcoming new releases and winery updates as we get ready for an exciting 2022 season in Prince Edward County!