'19 Sparkling Vidal Pet-Nat
'19 Sparkling Vidal Pet-Nat
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'19 Sparkling Vidal Pet-Nat


This wine is actually a Pet-Nat, but for some reason we decided to call it sparkling Vidal. It is a little more rugged than our Pet-Nat that we call a Pet-Nat though.  This is because we partially skin fermented it.  No yeast inoculation, no nothing.  

A little on the wild side, low in alcohol (9%) and high in acid.  A lot of fun though.  

Fun fact:  When trying to decide what to name this wine, we checked the Wu-tang name generator for “sparkling Vidal”.  The Wu-tang name is “Midnight Destroyer”, which we believe to be rather prophetic.  

we will begin shipping second week of December 2019