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Sparkling Wines

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Sparkling Wine Mixed Pack

Here’s a great idea!  Get a mixer pack of our sparkling wines and save a little money at the same time!  Bottle each of our Pet-Nat, Sparkling Vidal and Piquette.  Yay!

Save 10% off bottle price on three pack and 20% on six pack.  Plus free shipping!

$75.00 $85.00
Ophelia Piquette

Piquette, or “little wine” is traditionally made for the vineyard workers.  Refreshing and light in alcohol (5.5%) this wine is made from the second pressing of the grapes with the addition of a water.  An ancient wine style that dates back to Roman times.

Because our wine production is focused on the production of ultra premium table wine, we press our fruit very gently.  Typically small wineries get around 625 L/tonne of juice from white grapes, but we average around 510 L/tonne.  This means we have very wet skins left with a lot of valuable juice.  Piquette makes sense for us, because the quality and quantity of juice available to use as a base is exceptional.  

When we begin making the piquette, we add a fraction of the juice yield to the skins and allow to macerate and ferment for up to two weeks.  We then press and settle the wine and bottle shortly after.  

Our Piquette is named for our daughter Audrey Ophelia, who like the wine, is bubbly and always brings a smile to the room. 

For every bottle purchased of our Ophelia Piquette, we will be donating $1 to the County School of Dance- Student Tuition Scholarship Fund.  The funds will be awarded to local children in financial need to cover professional dance training expenses. 

Help us support the young children of our community by providing unique opportunities and experiences.


Our original sparkling wine.  Pet-Nat or Petillant Naturel, finishes fermentation in the bottle creating carbonation.  

We changed our process a little this year to clarify the wine a little more then we have in the past.  The two main varieties (Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc) cofermented to completion and we cold stabilized and settled.  Once this was completed, we added a suss reserve of Vidal juice and immediately bottled.  

The resultant wine is deliciously fresh and aromatic with tight bubbles and a bright, clean pallet.  

We are biased, but this may be our best pet-nat yet!

Sparkling Vidal

This wine is actually a Pet-Nat, but for some reason we decided to call it sparkling Vidal. It is a little more rugged than our Pet-Nat that we call a Pet-Nat though.  This is because we partially skin fermented it.  No yeast inoculation, no nothing.  

A little on the wild side, low in alcohol (9%) and high in acid.  A lot of fun though.  

Fun fact:  When trying to decide what to name this wine, we checked the Wu-tang name generator for “sparkling Vidal”.  The Wu-tang name is “Midnight Destroyer”, which we believe to be rather prophetic.  

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