Big Eazy is Back!

Big Eazy is Back!

  • Traynor Vineyards

We can all agree we are ready for the arrival of spring in Prince Edward County. Bring on the sunshine, the warmer, longer days, budding vines and the hope of summer. Traynor timed the release of some playful, easy sipping, patio-worthy wines to get you in the mood for what’s ahead. After a long winter it’s time to welcome back the Big Eazy line!

If you’re a subscriber to Traynor’s newsletter you would have been given first access to this release and had the chance to snag some in the pre-sale as the team patiently waited for labels to arrive — if you aren’t part of our newsletter community, what are you waiting for? The labels FINALLY arrived, which means these wines are on their way out of the winery and hopefully into a glass with some sunshine soon. So, what’s the story behind the wines, and how are they different from last year? We had a chance to chat with assistant winemaker, Richard, to get the juicy details. 

The 2022 releases are subtly different from the releases last year, to not only improve upon them, but also to continue to experiment and push what’s possible with this style of wine, and of course adjust based on the vintage and the grapes available — it’s always living and breathing. 


Marmalade Pie

The orange wine you’ve been looking for. This year the team blended 80% Chardonnay and 20% Riesling to bring this wine to life. The addition of the Riesling gives the wine a little more acid and kick. Mike also purchased a destemmer this year, so it was the first time this wine has been created with just the grapes. This emphasizes the lighter, fruitier notes and provided a noticeable change to the profile of wine. Marmalade Pie is more delicate than years past, think sweet tangerine. In addition to the removal of stems, the team also played with a new process, where there was less skin-fermenting time, and more cold soaking time to allow the fruit to really take the lead, and reduce bitterness, creating a more approachable skin-fermented wine for those who are new to the style, or for veterans looking for something to go down easy. 


Breakfast in the Vineyard

A glou glou style of wine, which is hard to pinpoint and has its very own style. A blend of Vidal and Cabernet Franc like last year, but with the addition of Gamay Noir, which makes it a little darker than last year, but still that perfect balance between a red and white wine. The Gamy Noir started out in carbonic maceration, which resulted in really sweet, candy-like notes, and then pressed off early before blending with the Vidal and Cabernet Franc. This wine is fun and easy and the team is very excited to enjoy it on the vineyard this season, as intended. 


Ch-Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb

A Spanish winemaking style to make the perfect mix between a rosé and a red. Last year this wine was a little darker than envisioned, so the team cut back on the red and let the Chardonnay take the lead. The Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Franc are co-fermented and resulted in a wine slightly closer to a rosé than a red, which was the plan all along. The addition of the Cabernet Franc was new this year in order to add more depth and character, as well as some secondary characteristics which makes this wine memorable, yet still light and perfect to sip at your next BBQ or spring picnic. 

The Traynor team is so proud of these wines and can’t wait to be sipping and serving them this summer on the patio again. Who is visiting Prince Edward County this season?

Keep an eye on Traynor’s social channels @traynorvineyard for upcoming new releases and winery updates as we get ready for an exciting 2022 season in Prince Edward County!