Discover the Depth of Traynor Vineyard's Cabernet Franc

Discover the Depth of Traynor Vineyard's Cabernet Franc

  • Rebecca Traynor

Welcome to a deep dive into one of the most cherished offerings at Traynor Family Vineyard, our Cabernet Franc. This wine, beloved for its complex flavour profile and winemaking care, stands out as a testament to our passion and dedication to crafting unique wines.

The Making of a Signature Wine

Our Cabernet Franc is not just a wine; it’s a narrative of our commitment to excellence. Crafted exclusively from Cabernet Franc grapes, this wine undergoes a meticulous 30-day maceration and fermentation on its skins, followed by a nine-month aging period in French oak barrels. This process enhances its structure and infuses it with subtle complexities. Before bottling, we blend the wine in stainless steel tanks, ensuring it remains unfined and unfiltered to preserve its authentic character.

Tasting Notes

Imagine opening a bottle and being greeted by an aromatic richness of black cherry, fig, clove, and chocolate, accented by an intriguing hint of anise and peppercorn. On the palate, it presents a soft, rich texture with a warm, black cherry finish. Its balanced acidity and subtle sweetness make it versatile for both warm summer days and special occasions.

Winemaker's Insight

Our journey with Cabernet Franc has been a labour of love. Despite the challenges of cost due to its need for prolonged barrel aging and the price of quality fruit, our dedication to this varietal has never wavered. It embodies the type of winemaking that fuels our creativity and satisfies our palates.

Perfect Pairings

This Cabernet Franc shines when paired with robust flavours. Think grilled meats, braised beef, pork, or lamb, and even decadent dark chocolate desserts. Its boldness complements rich stews and complex cheeses, elevating every meal into a gourmet experience.

Enjoying Our Cabernet Franc

To fully appreciate its depth, serve this wine at room temperature, ideally between 18-20°C. Whether enjoying a quiet evening or hosting a dinner party, our Cabernet Franc is sure to impress.

At Traynor Family Vineyard, we are proud to share this exquisite Cabernet Franc with you. It’s more than a wine; it’s a piece of our vineyard’s heart and soul, bottled for your enjoyment.

Discover more about our Cabernet Franc and how we bring unique wines to life at Traynor Vineyard by visiting our website. Experience the passion poured into every bottle!