Vineyard Update: A Fresh Start in 2021

Vineyard Update: A Fresh Start in 2021

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Hello, 2021! A new year is finally here at the vineyard and the team at Traynor is already back at it. Many people think because there is snow on the ground and the County is quiet in the winter that the winery is closed down — think again! The work never stops here, and we’re just getting started for an exciting year ahead.

If you read our last post with Mike Traynor, you would know that in 2020 the winery could barely keep up with the growth (a good problem to have as a small winery!) Well, it isn’t looking much different for 2021 with our indoor storage stacked from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. The team honestly doesn’t know where all the wine would be going if they didn’t move the tasting bar outside in late 2020.

Since some of the fermenting wines were outside in the cold before moving indoors, their fermentation took a pause, this is known as a stuck fermentation. This happens when the wine yeast starts to go dormant and can slow down to the point of not being active at all. This ultimately delayed some plans to get to bottling earlier in the year. Luckily, with the release of the pét-nat ahead of the holidays the team was able to make some room indoors and where the temperature can be readily controlled and fermentation can continue and bottling can commence!



There are lots of wines on-the-go and Mike and team have been monitoring their progress closely and have some highly anticipated releases and fun collaborations in the works for this year. (Tip: If you want to be the first to know, make sure you subscribe to the Traynor newsletter!) 

The bottling of every wine at Traynor is done by hand, and can be a pretty time consuming task, but also something this small winery is proud of. This year is especially hard since with restrictions and lockdowns in place it is just the core team working on the bottling throughout the week. 

Can you guess what is being bottled in these photos? We can give you a hint — the last time this varietal was available at Traynor it was 2016, and the requests to bring it back haven’t stopped since. Intrigued? You’ll just have to wait to find out more! 

Excited about our new releases? For real time updates be sure to check the winery out on social media @traynorvineyard.