Vineyard Update: Spring Has Sprung

Vineyard Update: Spring Has Sprung

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Spring is finally here and that means the team is getting ready for another busy season ahead. Last year Traynor saw some incredible growth, but that also meant that space and storage quickly became an issue. Over the winter months Mike and Richard put their heads together and have already hit the ground running with ways to expand and create multi-functional spaces at the winery in Prince Edward County.

Crush Pads & Patios

The first big project the team is working on is the multipurpose crush pad. Step one is getting the cistern and water put in since the plumbing and electrical has to be under the crush pad. Once the concrete is poured Richard will finally have himself a dedicated space for a crush pad in the fall, and guests will have a brand new expanded patio. After many lessons from last summer and the changing regulations due to COVID, the team wants to make sure guests feel safe, but can also still relax. Expanding the patio was a no-brainer, but making sure it could function outside of the busy summer months made it a priority.

As the winery and tourism in Prince Edward County continues to grow, the team at Traynor really wants to create spaces that will cater to different tasting experiences. That means a dedicated space for walk-ins and guests who want to do a few tastings, but also thinking about more organized experiences where guests can order food and chat about Traynor’s vineyard and permaculture practices. A chance to experience the wine, the winery and understand the work behind it.

Some of these experiences and ideas are long-term, but something the team is dedicated to making happen. Ever since Mike visited the Sherry region in Spain a few years ago, the idea of food and wine has been something he has wanted to make a reality at Traynor. He loved that while sipping on wine a slice of Iberico ham would appear, and then with his next wine a slice of Manchego cheese would appear. It’s simple and casual, but elevates the experience and brings the flavours of the wine to life.

Return of Vermouth

Last year Traynor’s vermouth took a bit of a back seat to some of the other wines, especially with the emergence of bottle shops and the boom in online ordering. The focus was new wines and how to get them in the hands of those who weren’t able to visit the winery in person. The team is happy to say that the vermouth will be back in production this year.

Over the last three to four years the team has planted everything that goes into the vermouth in and around the vineyard — think lilacs, sumacs, thyme, oregano, wormwood and sage. Not only do these herbs and plants represent the County in the vermouth, but many act as natural pesticides in the vineyard. This approach to biodiversity and sustainable farming practices is something that the farm at Traynor is extremely passionate about.

With the new patio being built, the team also hopes to re-introduce vermouth cocktails on the drink menu for guests visiting the winery. If you’re not able to visit the patio this summer, don’t worry, you can always visit the Cocktail blog on Traynor’s website where there is always some fun and new creative ways to bring your inner mixologist to life at home.

The Final Frontier aka The Vineyard

With so much happening in terms of construction and production at the winery right now, Richard also reminded us there is also work to be done on the vineyard. This year the team won’t be bringing in field hands, and Mike and Richard will be tackling the vineyards themselves. Richard sees this as “the final frontier” since he hasn’t worked a lot in the vineyard and sees this as a great way to understand the day-to-day of working with the vines, which will be totally different from his focus on winemaking.

Growth at the winery also means growth on the team! If you’re visiting this season you will be seeing some new faces to help out with tastings and guest experiences.

From packing and shipping online orders, to finishing the patio up front, constructing the new crush pad, getting the vineyard ready and hiring for the season ahead, it is safe to say spring has spring at Traynor Vineyard.


We want to see how you’re getting creative with our wines and vermouth—be sure to tag us @traynorvineyard so we can share. Cheers!