Bang Bang: Traynor Vineyard's Rosé Revolution

Bang Bang: Traynor Vineyard's Rosé Revolution

  • Rebecca Traynor

Welcome to the vivid and vibrant world of Traynor Vineyard, where each bottle tells a story of passion and innovation. Today, we're excited to introduce you to Bang Bang, our latest creation that's set to ignite your senses. This rosé Pet-Nat, crafted from 100% Gamay Noir grapes, embodies the spirit of summer with its lively hues and effervescent charm, right here in Prince Edward County.

A Rosé with a Bang

Bang Bang isn’t just a wine; it’s a celebration in a bottle. Made using the ancestral method, this Petillant Naturel captures the essence of Gamay Noir with a spontaneous and vibrant fizz that's as natural as it gets. Each bottle is a testament to the purity and spontaneity of the winemaking process, fermented and bottled with minimal intervention at our winery.

Tasting Notes

Prepare your palate for a refreshing burst of summer flavors. Bang Bang delights with notes of strawberry and watermelon, leading to a crisply dry finish that makes each sip more memorable than the last. It’s the perfect companion for any occasion that calls for a toast.

Winemaker’s Craft

Our approach to creating Bang Bang mirrors the process we refined in 2021. By lightly pressing the Gamay Noir grapes and reintroducing the skins during fermentation, we've extracted not only the vibrant pink color but also a subtle hint of tannins that gives this rosé its body and character.

Pairing Perfection

Bang Bang shines when paired with foods that complement its bold and refreshing profile. Try it with:

  • Spicy tacos for a match that balances heat with refreshment.
  • Jerk chicken, where the wine’s crispness cuts through the spice.
  • A creamy goat cheese, which contrasts beautifully with the wine’s effervescence.

Serving Suggestions

To fully enjoy the lively character of Bang Bang, serve it well-chilled at an ideal temperature of 8-10°C. This ensures the flavors and natural effervescence are at their best, making every sip a sparkling celebration.

Join the Rosé Revolution

Ready to add a splash of pink to your wine repertoire? Visit us at Traynor Vineyard to secure your bottles of Bang Bang. Whether you’re hosting a summer party, looking for the perfect dinner accompaniment, or simply indulging in a relaxing evening, Bang Bang is your go-to for a sparkling good time.

Don’t wait to discover why this rosé Pet-Nat is making waves across Prince Edward County and beyond. Shop now and experience the vibrant revolution that is Bang Bang!