Gift Ideas for the Wine Lover in Your Life

Gift Ideas for the Wine Lover in Your Life

  • Traynor Vineyards

The snow has already landed in Prince Edward County, which means the holidays are just around the corner. Whatever you’re celebrating, we hope this time of year brings you some time to relax, reset and spend some quality time with your loved ones. The Traynor family loves observing multiple traditions this time of year, especially with the kids, from Christmas, to Hanukkah to Chinese New Year — there is so much to celebrate. 

The thing is, the holidays can sneak up on you fast, and before you know it your calendar is packed with family gatherings, dinners with friends, work celebrations, gift exchanges and more. We like to plan ahead and always have a few giftable wine-themed items tucked away and ready to go in case an occasion gets us by surprise — plus who doesn’t love the guest that brings the wine? To make your gift-giving, hosting and hosted moments a little bit breezier for you this year, we put together a few ideas of how Traynor wines can join you for all of your holiday moments!



Stocking Stuffers

If you’re not sure what bottle of wine to gift, or just looking for an extra little something for stocking stuffers, look no further than our wine pouches. We had so much fun gifting this last year — it is totally unexpected and a great way to try new wines without committing to a full bottle. Our pouches are also more sustainable for the environment than glass bottles, so it’s a feel-good gift for all. 


Something Bubbly

Not that we need an excuse to sip on something sparkly and bubbly, but the holidays are the perfect time of year to pop open that bottle you have been holding onto, or to share something new with friends and family. In true Traynor style, our sparkling wines are a little bit funky and out of the ordinary, and often some of our favourite wines to experiment with. 

If you’re looking for something to kick the gathering off, we love the Ophelia Piquette. It is lightly effervescent, with notes of strawberry and apple cider. At only 7.2% alcohol, it makes it a great choice for social gatherings that will be going on into the wee hours of the night. If you want to be the guest that brings a wine that will spark conversation, we suggest one of our Pét-Nats. These wines are alive with interesting flavour profiles, lots of bubbles and always a crowd-pleaser. 



A Perfect Pairing 

With lots of gatherings and dinners ahead in the coming weeks, it is always a good idea to have a few go-to bottles of wine on hand to bring with you. Our Gamay Noir has those classic Christmas spices and raspberries in the palette, with a ripe blood orange finish for acidity that will bring the season to life in a glass. Our Cabernet Franc is also another favourite for sharing with black cherry, fig, clove and chocolate, the palette is soft, rich and slightly warm, and pairs well with cozy nights around a fire.  

If red wine isn’t your thing, our Sauvignon Blanc is one of our guests’ favourites, no matter what time of year for its crisp and refreshing palette. Of course, how can we not mention our Chardonnay, a classic cool-climate wine? With notes of peach cobbler, brown sugar crumble and toffee on the nose, this pairs perfectly with creamy dishes and the cool days ahead.  

We hope these ideas inspire you no matter how, where or what you’re celebrating this time of year — even if it’s celebrating some well-deserved down time before the start of a fresh year ahead. Cheers from the Traynor team!