Ophelia Original Piquette
Ophelia Original Piquette

Ophelia Original Piquette


Product Description:

Introduce to you a super fun sparkling wine, Piquette, made by the addition of water and sugar to the pomace left after pressing grapes or wine. Lightly effervescent. 

Tasting Notes:

On the nose, this sparkling wine has the aromas of strawberry and apple cider. The palate is light and prickly with a strawberry/rhubarb finish that makes it a perfect drink to enjoy on any occasion.

 Technical Details:

  • Alcohol: 7.2%
  • SO2 @ Bottling: 11 mg/L
  • Residual Sugar: 3 g/L

 Winemaker's Notes:

We decided to make our Piquette a little different than the previous year. We decided to add some local Apple Cider into the blend instead of straight rainwater, which allowed us to reduce the amount of sugar and acid we added into the blend and give the wine a little more concentration. We also made more red wine this year than in previous vintages, making this version a little darker than the previous one. The grapes used in this year's Piquette include Gamay Noir, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling, Vidal, Marquette, and Syrah.


Historical & Method of Production:

Piquette is a traditional and ancient method of wine production that dates back centuries. Its origins were in the Loire Valley of France where it was made by farmers and vineyard workers as a way to make use of the leftover grape pomace after pressing grapes for wine. The pomace is re-fermented with water and sugar, creating a lightly effervescent wine with lower alcohol content, and a unique and refreshing taste. Our Piquette is produced using the same traditional method, while also innovating by using local apple cider in the blend.

 Food Pairing Suggestions:

  • Peach pies
  • Creamy Brie
  • Fruit Salads 

Serving Suggestions:

  • Best served chilled
  • Ideal temperature: 7-11°C