Fall for Riesling

Fall for Riesling

  • Traynor Vineyards

When you think Prince Edward County wine, Riesling probably isn’t the first grape you think of, and for many years it wasn’t on the top of the winemakers’ minds at Traynor either. A few years ago, the team released a Riesling, and it flew off the shelves — guests were loving it, and luckily one of Traynor’s growers now provides the winery with Riesling to keep everyone happy.



So, why is Traynor releasing a Riesling now? Well, typically Riesling is one of the last varieties harvested in Ontario, but it was well worth the wait. The 2021 Riesling is crisp, sour, tart and dry, which often catches guests by surprise. Riesling has a reputation for being sweet, which it can be, but there so many different styles, so don’t let one bottle of Riesling define the entire grape for you. Traynor’s 2021 Riesling is super light and easy-drinking — in fact the team at Traynor call it “The 5 p.m. wine” because it is unanimously their favourite wine to pour a glass of and enjoy after a shift. It’s refreshing and perfect for some of these lingering warmer fall days. 

The 2021 Riesling is also different since it has a bit of nuttiness to it, but only if you look for it, which is a fun surprise for guests when sipping in the tasting room. This isn’t typical of a Riesling style, but the wine had a little bit of oxidation during fermentation which gave it that extra little bit of character. 



For the winemakers, Mike and Richard, this wine was a treat because it wasn’t a wine that demanded too much attention during production. They didn’t have to think too hard to get some great wine out of these grapes, unlike some of the skin contact and pét-nat wines which need constant attention right until they are bottled. The goal of this wine is to be uncomplicated goodness. Wine doesn’t need to be complicated to be enjoyed and appreciated — you just need good company and an open mind. 

Want to come visit and try the Riesling for yourself? Fall is an amazing time to visit Prince Edward County — harvest is in full swing; the colours of the trees line the roads and you can feel the energy throughout the community.