End of Summer Sipping

End of Summer Sipping

  • Traynor Vineyards

It truly feels like summer has just started, but here we are, already well into August and thinking ahead to fall and harvest. We had to stop ourselves — we’ve got to soak in every last bit of the time on our new outdoor patio, and sip on our newest wines. Yes, we’re still releasing new wines! Our current go-to that we’re excited to share is our Riesling. 



Riesling isn’t a wine the team typically made in the past, but when we reintroduced it in 2019, it flew off the shelves — so we’re back to making Riesling when we can get our hands on it! It is typically one of the last varieties harvested in Ontario, and not a grape we grow here on our vineyard. Although Riesling can be considered a cool climate variety, it isn’t a grape you see a lot of in Prince Edward County. We get our Riesling from one of our growers in Niagara when they have extra, which lucky for you they did!

Our Riesling has an aromatic profile and retained its freshness. Its flavour is influenced by the lees, which we love. We like to think we’re taking a bit of an experimental and natural take on Riesling, keeping it unfined and unfiltered. 

It’s typical to hear guests say they don’t like Riesling because it is too sweet, or they don’t love the smell of petrol — which are the most classic and well-known characteristics of Riesling. These characteristics can be true of Riesling, but definitely not all, so don’t let them stop you from trying different producers and finding a take on the grape you enjoy. This year's Riesling is bone-dry with lovely acidity.



We’re proud to say we have converted many guests into Riesling fans after sipping on this bottle. Tasting notes always vary depending on your palate, but winemaker, Mike Traynor, describes them as lemon custard, lime zest, icing sugar and almond, with a lemony finish. Sounds like a refreshing, delicious dessert in a glass, right?

As we enjoy the long, sunny days of summer, we will be pouring this wine on the patio at the winery, and at home. Come and try it while it lasts!


Keep an eye on Traynor’s social channels @traynorvineyard for upcoming new releases and winery updates as we get ready for an exciting 2022 season in Prince Edward County!