3 Delicious Organic Wines | Traynor Vineyard

3 Delicious Organic Wines | Traynor Vineyard

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Nestled in the heart of Prince Edward County on the shores of Lake Ontario, Traynor Family Vineyard is a small family-owned winery with an incredible selection of organic wine. We offer enjoyable traditional and experimental wines for wine connoisseurs. Whether you prefer traditional or experimental wines, you will find something you love. 

Each wine is carefully crafted using ethically and sustainably sourced local ingredients, many of which are fermented using natural techniques to cultivate unique flavours. We invite you to discover our collection of organic wines and find the perfect wine for any occasion.

Pét-nat Wines and Their Characteristics

Pét-nat is an abbreviation of the French term "pétillant naturel, " meaning "naturally sparkling." It refers to how the wine gets its fun, sparkling bubbles in each bottle. Like all other alcoholic beverages, you must add yeast to the grape juice to induce fermentation and make wine. The yeast eats the natural sugars in the juice and makes the by-products of alcohol and CO₂. 

Many other sparkling wines, like champagne, are made by blending dry wines that undergo a second fermentation stage and other processes to acquire their bubbles and signature flavours. On the other hand, a pét-nat wine is bottled during its initial fermentation stage, making each bottle slightly different from the next. Since the wine is bottled and sealed with minimal intervention, the flavours in each bottle are slightly different each time, leading to an adventure every time.

In 2022, we rolled out two new additions to the Traynor Family Vineyard's collection of pét-nat organic wine. As a part of our Big Eazy line, these fantastic wines are crafted using the pét-nat method and are delightfully funky. They are now a favourite among wine lovers for picnics, BBQs, and regular Tuesday evenings. The pale gold Green Meanie features candy floss, crab apple, and Bosc pear notes on the noses with a subtle nectarine finish. 

We bottle our 100% Vidal Grape pét-nat towards the end of the fermentation process, making it a lightly carbonated quick sip. The happy accident of an early harvest of Gamay Noir grapes mixed with a sweet and dark Baco Noir shipment yielded the Hot Rocket. This pét-nat vegan wine is a stunning purple colour with notes of cranberry, sage, cherry, blackberry, and a hint of thyme.

Glou-Glou (pronounced "glue-glue" in English)

Glou-glou is another term borrowed from the French that imitates the sound of liquids, like wine, being poured from a bottle or gulped while drinking. Glou-glou wines are meant to be poured and enjoyed soon after bottling, not stored away and aged. The fresher they are, the better the taste. 

Any red, white, rosé, orange, and sparkling wine can be considered glou-glou if it is fruity, chuggable, and refreshing with a low-alcohol content. This style of wine challenges the traditional notion that wine must be savoured and intellectually analyzed by those sophisticated enough. Glou-glou wines make drinking wine fun and accessible for all palates.

The organic wine collection at Traynor Family Vineyard includes two delicious glou-glou wines made using natural wine-making techniques and experimental combinations. Our Breakfast in the Vineyard wine is an exciting blend we discovered through trial and error and improvisation. This juicy and light glou-glou vegan wine is the perfect fusion of sweet and sour flavours that smells like jolly ranchers! It pairs well with a variety of dishes and is best enjoyed chilled. 

In a collaborative effort between the team at Traynor and the reputable Grape Crush bottle shop, we created the tasty Goodtime glou-glou blend. This low-intervention wine is a bright and juicy concoction with notes of blackberries and blueberries. With this wine on hand, you will surely have a lovely time.

Vermouth Varieties

Vermouth is one of the more versatile types of wine on the market, characterized by its intense aromas and flavours. It is commonly used in cocktails, such as Negronis, Manhattans, and Martinis. Vermouth is also often used as an aperitif to stimulate the appetite before a meal. Traditionally, there are two types of vermouth: sweet and dry. This organic wine is infused with many botanicals, including herbs, spices, flowers, and bitter roots. Vermouths can vary greatly depending on the region it is from because of the botanicals available. An important fact many people don't know about vermouth is that you should keep it in the fridge after opening it to extend its shelf life and quality.

At Traynor winery, our vermouths are meticulously crafted with freshly-picked botanical ingredients from our farm and contributions from growers in the surrounding area. Mike Traynor, owner and founder of the vineyard, created our dry white vermouth blend, Madonna, in honour of his mother and her help in inspiring his love for food, herbs, and plants. This wine features expertly balanced floral aromas, such as lavender, chamomile, and lilac, and fresh flavours that do not overpower each other. It makes a wonderful aperitif for sipping or a delightful addition to a Moscow Mule or chai tea.

Haberdasher vermouth is a delectable red blend that's slightly sweet with notes of rose, hyssop, mint, and wormwood. This organic wine is infused with over 20 different botanicals from our farm and steeped for various periods to create the desired complex flavour profile. Try it paired with a delicious chocolate torte or pudding.

Certified Organic and Sustainability at Traynor Vineyard

We pride ourselves on producing high-quality wines and strive to become a zero-waste producer. Various sustainability practices are used to ensure the health of our vines without compromising the health of the environment or our customers and employees. As Canada's first Certified Living Wage Winery, we understand our employees' value in producing ethical wine with distinctive flavours and maximum enjoyability. Reach out to us today to learn how you can partake in our fantastic winery experiences and taste our unique wines and recipes.