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Whether you're a long-time customer or someone just finding our page for the first time, we're happy to welcome you to our incredible vineyard here in Prince Edward County. We offer an incredible array of different wines, both white and red, sparkling or still, that gives everyone the opportunity to find a drink they can fall in love with.

Whether you're planning to visit our vineyard in Ontario or simply wish to purchase a delicious bottle of our organic wine online, we're glad you're here. 

About Our Vineyard

Founded in 2008, Mike Traynor began Traynor Family Vineyard with one goal in mind: creating delicious, organic wine using the most ethical wine production processes. He wanted to be able to bring his love for wine to everyone throughout Prince Edward County and, one day, to the rest of Canada and the world. 

Mike became Canada's youngest winemaker when he was 22 years old. He has since dedicated his life to ethical wine consumption and making. He's been involved in the winemaking community for years and has provided his knowledge and expertise to many different organic wineries and other companies.

Those at our vineyard in Ontario take pride in our ethical wine production. We understand that the best way to keep producing incredible, delicious wine is to make the process the most sustainable that it can be. In our quest to do so, we are constantly modifying and improving our methods to ensure that we are creating the most delicious wine possible in the most responsible way. 

How We're Improving Sustainability

In today's global climate, using sustainable and ethical production practices is vital to both the success of the company and the continued protection of our Earth. Here at Traynor Family Vineyard, we are committed to going above and beyond to make our sustainable and ethical wine production a continued reality. 

Some of the incredible ways that we practice sustainability here at our winery are ones we have been improving on for years. First, we wanted to combat potential soil erosion. To do this, we planted a mixture of grass, clover, and dandelion between our rows of grapes to cover the soil. These plants not only help to keep the soil rich, but they also help to prevent soil erosion during rain, irrigation, and other practices. Additionally, the flowers that these plants produce attract pollinators like bees and help to keep them fed. We believe it's always important to save the bees, and we're happy to contribute our business's efforts in this direction.

We have also done our best to mitigate the overuse of water and our wastewater. In our effort to slow—and partially contain—surface water runoff, we've added permaculture swales in our vineyard. A permaculture swale is a shallow trench that is dug along the natural curve of the land, collecting water and allowing it to permeate the soil closest to it. This leads to better moisture retention in our soil, allowing us to avoid using so much water and to have less wastewater.

In addition, we've also installed drainage areas where water would typically pool, either due to weather conditions or just general irrigation. With the addition of these drainage systems, we no longer have pooling water, which helps to mitigate the growth of mould and mildew. Why is this important? This helps to preserve our vines, keeping them healthy and producing for as long as possible. 

Our fertilizer is organic as well, ensuring that our organic wine truly is what it says on the bottle! Here at Traynor Family Vineyard, we use a fertilizer that is created from composted vegetables, and it works just as well—if not better—than many traditional fertilizers on the market. We're thrilled that our ethical wine production helps us avoid harmful chemicals in our products.

There are only a few of the ways that we're trying to practice sustainability in our vineyard. We hope that in the future, we'll be able to continue implementing more and more sustainable practices as technology advances and our vineyard grows. 

Traynor Offers a Living Wage

One of the most important aspects of ethical wine production is being able to pay our employees a living wage, and we're proud to say that our employees here at Traynor Family Vineyard receive just that. We believe that all of our employees, the ones who come in and work hard every day, deserve to make a living wage. No hard worker deserves to go home at the end of the day without their basic needs met. 

Here at Traynor Family Vineyard, we understand that the success of our employees is our success, and that happy, healthy employees create a better experience for everyone. 

Our Incredible Products

All of our wines here at Traynor Vineyards are delicious, organic wines that add a little special something to any table. Whether you're a fan of a sparkling Pét-Nat wine or would prefer a still Pinot Noir or Chardonnay, Traynor Vineyards has it all. We even offer a delicious vermouth in our Madonna Vermouth that adds to an incredible pairing in many mixed drinks. 

Plus, when you enjoy one of our amazing bottles of wine, you can feel confident and secure that your wine was produced ethically: using sustainable practices, happy employees, and an owner who truly loves what they do. 

Ordering With Us

Purchasing wine from Traynor Vineyard is a great choice for wine lovers no matter where you're located. No matter if you're local to us here in Prince Edward County or ordering from across the country, you won't regret purchasing a bottle of wine from Traynor Vineyard. 

We believe in sustainable products, and that's why when you order from us, we do our best to ship sustainably. In November 2021, we were proud to start a program where we offer the opportunity to offset your carbon footprint. Whenever you order wine from us, you'll be able to offset your carbon emissions based on the weight of the order and how far it has to travel, which is an amazing way that you can contribute to our ethical wine production right from your home!

We're happy that you're interested in creating a better world through the purchase of our wine, and those of us here at Traynor Vineyard are proud we can provide that to you. Whether we see you in person at our vineyard in Ontario or we only pass each other through an online order, we're happy to have you in the Traynor Vineyard family.