Living Wage Employer

When Mike Traynor began his journey in the wine industry, it was as a minimum wage retail worker. He then began working in the vineyards as a minimum wage field worker. It was a struggle to learn the ropes of the industry. It took years of transient work before an opportunity to earn a reasonable wage arose. That grind made him understand that the team makes this business work. To keep the best people, they need to be treated and compensated fairly. 

What is a living wage employer? It is our commitment to ensuring that we have an opportunity to build lives and careers with our team. We do not exist without their hard work and dedication. By ensuring that our team makes a living wage, we are taking the opportunity to rise together.

Our team is 100% local, diverse, and building a life with us.  We are proud to be Canada's first Certified Living Wage Winery.

First Canadian Winery to be Certified as Living Wage Employer