When Mike Traynor began his journey in the wine industry, it was as a minimum wage retail worker. He then began working in the vineyards as a minimum wage field worker. It was a struggle to learn the ropes of the industry.

Traynor Family Vineyard is committed to doing things the right way, and that includes treating their employees with respect and fairness. That's why they have implemented a certified living wage program, ensuring that every person who works at their vineyard is paid a wage that meets their basic needs and allows them to live with dignity.

The family believes that everyone who works hard should be able to afford the necessities of life, and they are proud to be able to offer their employees a living wage that is fair and equitable. They know that happy, fulfilled employees are the key to success, and they are committed to supporting and investing in their team.

The certified living wage program at the Traynor family vineyard is just one way that they are demonstrating their commitment to social and environmental responsibility. It is a program that they are proud of, and one that they believe sets them apart as a leader in the industry.

Our team is 100% local, diverse, and building a life with us.  We are proud to be Canada's first Certified Living Wage Winery.

First Canadian Winery to be Certified as Living Wage Employer