Preserving the Bounty of Prince Edward County: Wine Storage Tips from Traynor Vineyard

Preserving the Bounty of Prince Edward County: Wine Storage Tips from Traynor Vineyard

  • Rebecca Traynor

Expert Wine Storage Tips from Traynor Vineyard: Savoring the Essence of Prince Edward County

In the heart of Prince Edward County, a region renowned for its vibrant winery scene and exquisite natural wines, Traynor Vineyard stands as a beacon of viticultural excellence. With an enriched history steeped in the fine art of winemaking, we pride ourselves on crafting wines that capture the pure essence of Ontario wine at its finest. At Traynor Vineyard, we not only create fine wines but also share our wisdom to help you cherish each bottle you take home. Here, we offer you our top tips for storing wine, ensuring that every sip transports you back to our beloved vineyards in Ontario.

1. Keep it Cool with Consistent Temperatures

To preserve the intrinsic qualities of your Ontario wine, maintaining a consistent, cool temperature is key. Traynor Vineyard recommends a temperature range of 12-18°C (53-64°F), which helps prevent premature ageing and keeps the wine's flavours vibrant and fresh.

2. Light: The Subtle Enemy of Fine Wines

The pristine environs of Prince Edward County teach us the importance of natural elements in winemaking. However, when it comes to storing wine, shielding it from light, especially harsh sunlight, is vital. The UV rays can induce premature ageing and disrupt the delicate balance of flavours and aromas in your wine.

3. Horizontal Storage: A Tradition Rooted in Wisdom

In the cellars of Traynor Vineyard, you will find bottles resting horizontally, a tradition that ensures the cork remains moist, preventing air infiltration that could spoil the wine's integrity. This method also makes for efficient use of storage space, a practice deeply rooted in the wisdom of seasoned winemakers.

4. Humidity: Striking the Right Balance

The scenic vistas of Prince Edward County embody a harmonious balance of elements, a principle we adhere to in our winery. A humidity level of 60-70% is optimal for storing your Ontario wine, preventing the cork from drying out and preserving the labels' pristine condition.

5. A Quiet Resting Place Free from Vibrations

Just as the tranquil landscapes of Prince Edward County provide a nurturing ground for our vines, your wine storage area should be free from vibrations, allowing the wine to age gracefully without disturbance from appliances or machinery.

6. Odour-Free Zones: Preserving the Natural Essence

Ontario's natural wines, especially those from Traynor Vineyard, are known for their exquisite flavours and aromas. To maintain their natural essence, ensure that your storage area is devoid of strong odours that can alter the wine's character.

7. Opt for Quality Wine Racks or a Dedicated Wine Cellar

For the true wine aficionado, investing in proper wine racks or a dedicated wine cellar mirrors the dedication we put into each bottle at our Ontario winery. These specially designed storage spaces offer the best conditions to preserve and age your wines gracefully.

8. Keep Detailed Records

At Traynor Vineyard, meticulous record-keeping is a part of our ethos. Maintain a detailed log of your wine collection, noting purchase dates, vintages, and expected maturity dates, to enjoy each bottle at its peak.


Embrace the art of wine storage with these expert tips from Traynor Vineyard, and ensure that every bottle of Prince Edward County's finest offers a sublime tasting experience. Remember, each bottle of Ontario wine is a treasure, deserving to be stored with the utmost care, preserving the natural essence and craftsmanship that defines our region's rich winery heritage.