Vineyard Update: Summer is here!

Vineyard Update: Summer is here!

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If you haven’t been to the winery over the last few months you will be in for a surprise. The construction has cleared (for now) and the Traynor team is extremely happy to see the crush pad come to life — plus the patio continues to expand. On top of the changes from construction, the winery’s lavender was in full bloom, which made July a picture-perfect time to visit and take in all of the surrounding plants and herbs that will make up the next batch of Traynor Vermouth.  

Prince Edward County has been welcoming back guests for a few months now, and it has felt amazing, but what is up with this summer weather? Blasts of non-stop heat to pouring rain, what does this all mean for the vineyard? Well, knock on wood, but Richard shares that so far, so good. The next few weeks will bring veraison so the team will be watching the vines closely. 

If the rain stays at bay and the weather cooperates, the grapes should be good in excellent condition come harvest, however if the rain continues there is risk that the grapes could swell, and even split. This can cause mildew and rot if not addressed. The team has to reduce foliage to help prevent this, which is a big job when done by hand across the vineyard. 

Too much rain can also impact the final outcome of the wine — rain and sun are just a few factors that come into play when you hear winemakers boasting about certain vintages, and not so much about others. If the grapes get too much water, that means less concentration and a less flavoured wine, compared to those hot, sunny summers that grow grapes with thicker skins and more concentrated flavours, resulting in “bold” wines that punch you with flavour. It really is the preference of the wine maker and the wine drinker to what is favourable, but we like it somewhere in the middle. Not too much rain, but not too much sun. So, fingers crossed since Mother Nature is out of our control. 

The next few weeks will be critical and it is actually an amazing time to visit as you can quite literally watch the grapes transform and change colours in a matter of weeks as they get ready for harvest. 

We’re excited to chat with Richard and Mike in the coming weeks to get updates on how the grapes are coming along and what plans they have for the winery this fall.  

What wine are you most excited to try on Traynor’s new patio this season? Be sure to check @traynorvineyard for updates about new releases and how to book tastings this summer.