Veraison 2022 with Traynor’s Assistant Winemaker

Veraison 2022 with Traynor’s Assistant Winemaker

  • Traynor Vineyards

It’s that time of year again — veraison is here. If you’re not familiar with what veraison is, you can refer back to our blog post here, which goes into all of the details. To sum it up in a few words, it is the time of year where the grapes start to change colour and we really get a sense of how our vines are doing for the upcoming harvest.  

We took some time to chat with Richard, assistant winemaker, to get some insight into veraison 2022 and what we can expect from the vines during harvest:


So, where are we at when it comes to veraison?

RN: Veraison is about ¾ of the way through — as it usually does, it just suddenly starts and goes real quick. 



Any vines doing exceptionally well? What wines will they be used for?

RN: The Marquette is looking amazing and so is the Frontenac Gris — probably one of the best crops of this particular grape that we have seen in several years. The Frontenac Gris goes into our Inclusion Orange, so we’re very excited about that one. The Marquette is going into the new and improved Alta Red, which everyone can’t wait to get their hands on. The vines are looking super healthy, which is not only good news for this year’s crop, but future crops. We’re always looking at vine health as not just the present year, but the next ten crops into the future. 


Have you had to navigate any infections or challenges this year with the vines?

RN: No major issues with molds or infections this year, which is a true reflection of the work being done in the field over the past few years. Earlier in the season we were told by our vineyard manager, J.R., that we wouldn’t be getting a crop from our Chardonnay plants this year, so we were just in maintenance mode — but he came with some good news the other week, and it looks like we will be getting a bit of Chardonnay after all. It might not be a lot, but enough to hopefully do something fun with and experiment a bit in the cellar room once we get our hands on it. 



Are you ready for harvest 2022?

RN: Always ready for harvest!


If you want to see the vineyard in full colour, now is the time to come visit the winery. Our Frontenac Gris and Marquette vines surround our patio, which makes it the perfect setting to enjoy our wines and snacks, while taking in the beautiful sights of our vineyard before harvest. This time of year, is always so magical in Prince Edward County — the buzz of summer quiets down, but the hustle of harvest is just ahead. The temperatures are perfect, and the trees have already slowly started to transform in to subtle red, oranges and yellow. Veraison is always that first sign that summer is winding down, and fall is just around the corner.