Getting Certified with Traynor

Getting Certified with Traynor

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We’re always striving to be the best winery possible — whether that comes down to the wines we’re producing, our customer service, our ever-evolving patio, our viticultural practices, or the experiences our employees have every time they step onto the property. We’re proud of how far we have come and what our team has been able to achieve since we opened our doors, which is why we are excited to share the various certifications we have earned throughout the years, and what exactly they mean when it comes to our standards at Traynor.   

Bevveg Certified Vegan 

You may see the vegan certification from many wineries in Prince Edward County, which is because most wineries are producing wines in smaller volumes and not mass produced. Guests are always surprised to find out that not all wine is vegan and contain animal by-products. This certification is important to us because it creates transparency for our guests who may not be familiar with wine production — yes there is more than grapes in your wine! It allows for our guests to sip back and relax. 


Certified Living Wage 

Here in Ontario, there is a body that determines what living wage is, depending on where you are living in Ontario. It is constantly changing, but currently in Prince Edward County, the minimum is $17.95/hour. This matters as a business since our team at Traynor is what allows us to thrive, grow and be the best that we can be. This helps make sure we are providing a standard where our team can enjoy coming into work and create a positive and inviting environment for our guests. 

Organic Certification 

This is the third year the farm has been 100% organic, which means the winery is now also able to apply for organic certification and get it approved by the end of the year. There has been so much work and care to go into making this happen. This is also important for transparency with our guests, so they have an idea of how we farm and again, what is going into the bottle of wine they are consuming.

Certified Sustainable 

We just finished the application to be certified sustainable and should be active by the end of summer — this is a newer certification that just opened in Ontario for wineries. Being organic is one of the steppingstones to becoming certified sustainable, but it is also looks at a more holistic approach to how the business operates. Things like the amount of water and electricity being used, gas being released using tractors, the by-products from production and tasting area all taken into consideration.

Many projects that have been happening at Traynor throughout the past several years have been keeping sustainability in mind — an example would be our Piquette, which is made with collected rainwater on the property and grape skins from other wine production that still have juice on them. Our recent release with the pouches is also another great example. The pouches release less carbon dioxide to produce, as well as when shipping wine. All these small changes can result in big change, which is why we are excited to be recognized in this space. 

Bullfrog Powered

Another certification that ties nicely with our sustainable practices is our wastewater and electricity production and keeping it renewable and sustainable. The power at Traynor comes through the grid, but comes from Bullfrog, which sources all its energy from renewable sources, such as wind and solar. Based on our location in the County, having wind turbines on site wasn’t a possibility and neither were solar panels, so this was a great alternative so that our power can be renewable and sustainable, aligning with our values. 

Rainbow Registered 

Traynor is also in the process to becoming Rainbow Registered, which is a certification available to businesses across Canada. This certification is for businesses that have done the work to become a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community. The process of working through this certification has been a great education for the entire team, and even how to train and onboard new staff, including the use of inclusive language and proper use of pronouns. With everything that has been happening in the world, this felt especially important to work on to make sure Traynor is a safe, welcoming environment for all. 


The team continues to evolve, learn, and grow together and we are proud of how much we have achieved over the last few years. For updates on what’s happening at the vineyard or how you can visit our social channels @traynorvineyard.