Unveiling Traynor Vineyard's First 100% Baco Noir PET-NAT: A Journey into the Ancestral Wine Experience

Unveiling Traynor Vineyard's First 100% Baco Noir PET-NAT: A Journey into the Ancestral Wine Experience

  • Rebecca Traynor

Greetings, wine lovers!

At Traynor Vineyard, we take pride in creating exceptional, innovative, and palate-enticing wines. We're thrilled to announce our latest release, a dry "Lambrusco" style Baco Noir PET-NAT, a first of its kind. Crafted with utmost precision and passion, this wine is an ode to our dedication to explore and reimagine the limits of winemaking.

Our Baco Noir PET-NAT is a unique expression of wine crafted through the ancestral method. The term "PET-NAT" is short for "pétillant naturel," a French term that translates to 'naturally sparkling.' This method is as old as the hills, yet it's found renewed favor among modern vintners, including us at Traynor Vineyard.

This masterpiece starts its journey with indigenous yeast, and as a testament to our commitment to retaining the natural beauty of the wine, it remains unfined and unfiltered. The result? A wine that echoes the authenticity of its terroir, unmasked and unaltered.

We lightly pressed the grapes for 10 days before leaving them to wild ferment in stainless steel tanks. This vital process continued until the wine reached its optimum level of maturity, ready to be bottled. A characteristic feature of this wine is the trapping of carbonation, a result of using the ancestral method. The wine, thus bottled, was left to ferment for approximately two more months, allowing it to develop a unique and mesmerizing effervescence.

Upon pouring, our Baco Noir PET-NAT reveals a captivating deep purple hue. As you take a sip, it bewitches the senses with distinct notes of tart cherries and fresh currants, offering a wine experience that's simply hard to resist.

As we unveil this one-of-a-kind wine, we invite you to join us at Traynor Vineyard. Indulge yourself in the captivating journey of our Baco Noir PET-NAT, from its ancestral method production to the thrilling burst of flavors. So come, raise a glass with us, and savor the innovative spirit of Traynor Vineyard!

Stay tuned to our page for more exciting wine releases and behind-the-scenes updates from our vineyard. To the wine lovers' fraternity, here's to shared experiences, unforgettable moments, and glasses filled with exceptional wine!