The Quintessential Quaff: Traynor Vineyard's 5th Element Journey

The Quintessential Quaff: Traynor Vineyard's 5th Element Journey

  • Rebecca Traynor

Embark on a voyage through time and taste with Traynor Vineyard's 5th Element, a wine crafted not just by hands, but by history. Every bottle tells a story—a symphony of vintages that dance together in a cascade of flavours, thanks to the ancient art of solera.

Blending the Past into the Present In the world of Traynor Vineyard, wine is more than a beverage; it's a legacy poured into a glass. The solera system we embrace is a time-honoured technique that delicately marries new vintages with those that have gracefully aged. Seven vintages, each whispering its own tale of seasons past, converge to create the 5th Element, our liquid anthology.

A Palette of Palates Peek inside this liquid tapestry, and you'll find a captivating amber hue that echoes the depth and maturity of the blend. The aroma? A delightful medley of hazelnut, almond, and dried fruits that would make any nose swoon with anticipation. Then comes the first sip—a dry entrance that blooms into a complex balance of sweet and sour, with whispers of vanilla, spice, and a saline wink to finish.

The Winemaker's Odyssey We at Traynor have always been artisans at heart, but even artisans face their dragons. With the 5th Element, our beast was Volatile Acidity, an unwelcome guest that threatened the harmony of our blend. But instead of turning to the brute force of sulphur, we looked to the wisdom of Amontillado Sherry and found our Excalibur: fortification through distillation. A still became our ally, and our challenge became our triumph.

An Epicurean's Delight Versatility is the 5th Element's virtue. It is the perfect partner to cheeses and nuts, the ideal complement to a rustic charcuterie board, and the ultimate accompaniment to rich mushroom dishes and spicy chorizo. Its boundless palate pleases the epicurean in all of us.

In the Details This non-VQA Chardonnay/Sauvignon Blanc blend boasts an 18.5% alcohol content and has been carefully produced in a limited run of 300 bottles. With an average age of 4 years, it's a testament to patience and growth, to the terroir that nurtures us, and to the adventures in winemaking that await.

A Back Label Promise Seven vintages, intertwined like the roots of our vines. Rich, bold, and enduring—the 5th Element is crafted with resolve and stands as a tribute to our terroir's past, present, and future.