Sip into Sunshine with Glou Glou Wine

Sip into Sunshine with Glou Glou Wine

  • Rebecca Traynor

Imagine waking up to a crisp morning in the heart of Prince Edward County, where vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see. The sun is just beginning to paint the sky with shades of orange and pink, and the air is filled with the promise of a new day. It's a perfect day to indulge in the unexpected delight of wine, and that's where Traynor Vineyards' Glou Glou wine comes into play. Join us on a journey as we explore the magic of Breakfast in the Vineyard, and how Glou Glou turns days into moments of pure pleasure. Link to Glou Glou Wine

A Vineyard Awakening

As the sun rises over Traynor Vineyards, a sense of tranquility blankets the rows of vines. Birds sing in harmony, and a gentle breeze rustles the leaves, creating a serene symphony of nature. It's in this idyllic setting that our Glou Glou wine is born.

The Artistry of Glou Glou

Glou Glou is a unique blend, a testament to the creativity of our winemakers. Comprising 77% Vidal and 23% Gamay Noir, this wine is a co-fermentation of these exquisite grape varieties on Ripasso Merlot skins. It's a dance of flavors that results in a light, juicy, and dry rosé-like character, perfect for early sipping.

Sipping Sunshine

Pour a glass of Glou Glou, and you're greeted with an experience that defies the traditional notions of wine. The aroma is like opening a bag of Jolly Ranchers, an unexpected and delightful surprise that invites you to take that first, unforgettable sip. It's a wine that knows no boundaries – perfect for your morning adventures or lazy summer afternoons.

A Winemaker's Vision

Behind every great wine is a winemaker with a vision, and Glou Glou is no exception. Our winemaker sought to create a red wine that complements our natural/raw wine portfolio. Rather than competing with other styles, they drew inspiration from Clarete, a wine made by co-fermenting white and red grapes, resulting in lighter, more approachable reds. The result? Glou Glou, a wine that embodies the "Glug Glug" spirit – a wine you can't help but enjoy in one go.

Pairing Magic with Morning

For Breakfast in the Vineyard, Glou Glou pairs effortlessly with Spanish tapas like Patatas bravas, pan con tomate, or croquetas. Imagine the savory bites mingling with the bright flavors of Glou Glou, creating a symphony of taste that's perfect for your feast.

Savoring the Sunrise

To make the most of your Glou Glou experience, serve it chilled at an ideal temperature of 8-10°C. This enhances its delightful flavors and aromas, allowing you to savor the sunrise in every sip.

So, why not add a touch of sunshine and elegance to your day with Traynor Vineyards' Glou Glou wine? Start your day with a story, a glass of this exceptional creation, and embrace the day like never before. Order your bottle now and make every morning a vineyard adventure. Cheers to sipping into the sunshine with Glou Glou!