Bursting with Flavor: Unveiling the Cherry Bomb Clarete

Bursting with Flavor: Unveiling the Cherry Bomb Clarete

  • Rebecca Traynor

On a scenic day in Prince Edward County, Ontario, the passionate souls at Traynor Vineyard set forth on a captivating wine adventure. The sun kissed the sprawling vineyards, hinting at the magic they held beneath. Their quest? To craft a wine so unique and exhilarating that it would be an anthem to all the wine lovers and aficionados. And so, the Cherry Bomb was born.

Imagine, if you will, a cherry bomb exploding, not with a bang, but with an eruption of flavors and fragrances so alluring that one might think it's a fairytale. The initial whiff lures you in, with candied cherry dancing alongside whimsical rose petals. Orange rind playfully nudges you, while green tea whispers its subtle notes, promising a story worth delving into.

One sip and the tale unfolds on your palate. The Cherry Bomb Clarete doesn’t hold back. It entices, surprises, and embraces, reminiscent of a super robust rose, yet unique in its spirit. With acids, tannins, and flavors all taking center stage, it’s a symphony of sensations.

As you swish this delectable potion, its almost ruby hue shines through, deeper and more intense than the most passionate of sunsets. A fusion of 72% Chardonnay's grace, 13% Cabernet Franc's charisma, and 15% Riesling's zest, it’s an ode to an ancient Spanish tradition that's come to life in the heart of Ontario. Co-fermented to perfection, the Cherry Bomb is Traynor Vineyard's delightful serendipity; an experiment that turned into an elixir of dreams.

But the journey doesn’t end there. For every epic tale deserves an equally epic feast. Whether you're savoring grilled meats under the summer sky, indulging in the simplicity of a light pasta, or exploring spicy Asian delicacies, Cherry Bomb promises to be the companion your culinary adventures deserve. And, as the night lingers, let it harmonize with aged cheeses on a rustic charcuterie board.

To truly immerse in the Cherry Bomb experience, serve it chilled at an ideal temperature of 7-11°C. Let it breathe, let it sing, and most importantly, let it take you on a joyous journey through the enchanting landscapes of Prince Edward County.

Raise your glasses, dear readers, for the Cherry Bomb awaits! A unique, vegan Clarete wine, limited to 240 cases, ready to tantalize, intrigue, and celebrate the wonders of Traynor Vineyard.

Cheers to stories worth sharing and wines worth cherishing. Cheers to Cherry Bomb!