Wine for Your Prince Edward County Summer Adventures

Wine for Your Prince Edward County Summer Adventures

  • Traynor Vineyards

When coming to visit Prince Edward County during the summer, the wineries and restaurants are always at the top of most visitors’ lists. How can they not be? With everything from wineries, breweries, cideries and countless restaurants and shops, there seems to be an endless number of activities to do to occupy guests during their stay — so much so that you may forget that you’re on holiday and the best part of County living is slowing down. 

It's hard to prioritize slower moments when you want to squeeze in as much as possible while visiting Prince Edward County, but we’re confident you won’t regret taking a few hours to spend some time in nature. There are so many trails, provincial parks and conservation areas that are perfect for a walk or visit in between all your winery and foodie stops, but Traynor also has the perfect solution for you if you want to combine both.




Our cute and playful 187mL wine pouches containing some of our favourite summer wines. Choose from Inclusion Orange to our funky Big Eazy wines — Ch-Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb Clarete, Marmalade Pie and Breakfast in the Vineyard. Not only are wine pouches more sustainable for our environment and industry, but they are also a whole lot lighter to take with you on-the-go or camping. Our smaller wine pouches are about the size of a glass of wine, so they are also great for those days you want just a splash, or don’t want to open a whole bottle of wine. We love the pouches for bike rides, hikes, picnics, or even walking around the vineyard. They are one of our favourite companions and we are so excited to be able to expand our wine offerings with them. 

Ready to explore the County beyond the wineries? Check out our list of some our team’s favourite spots to unwind:


Sandbanks Provincial Park 

This park needs little introduction — famous for the seemingly endless white sand beaches and stunning trails, Sandbanks is a beautiful stop during your visit to Prince Edward County, whether it is for the day (book in advance) or for a summer camping adventure. 


North Beach Provincial Park 

Another white sand beach facing Lake Ontario in Prince Edward County, and usually quieter than the famous Sandbanks beach, but the same beauty. The sandy beach is perfect for a picnic, or walk along the path that follows the beach and take it all in. Be sure to book in advance to guarantee entry in the summer months. 


Lake on the Mountain Provincial Park

Stunning views over Lake Ontario wait for you here. The perfect spot to stop for a picnic or a stroll. If you are a paddler, take out your kayak and explore the shoreline. 


The Millennium Trail  

If you have ever road a bike to one of the wineries, chances are you have been on the Millennium Trail in Prince Edward County. This trail goes on for over 45 kilometres, starting in Carrying Place and goes all the way to Picton. Perfect for long walks and bike rides, there are tonnes of amazing stops along the way, you’ll never get bored exploring by the Millennium Trail. 


Little Bluff Conservation Area 

Get ready for some amazing views! Located atop a 20-metre-high limestone bluff, you will be able to take in panoramic views of Prince Edward Bay and the surrounding shoreline. You can also continue to the cobblestone beach below and enjoy the tranquil sounds of the water. 


Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area 

After walking through the town of Picton, drive a little further and you will find this outdoor gem. Perfect for hikers and picknickers, there are over 20km of hiking trails to explore. 



These are just a handful of the amazing places you can explore outdoors in the summer in Prince Edward County, but we hope you find some time to slow down and enjoy. 


It’s an amazing time to give the winery a visit and sit by the fire while enjoying some delicious wine. Check out @traynorvineyard on social for real-time updates and details about how you can visit.