Together We Thrive: Celebrating the Heart of Traynor Vineyard

Together We Thrive: Celebrating the Heart of Traynor Vineyard

  • Rebecca Traynor

In the golden hues of Prince Edward County, nestled among the rolling vineyards, lies the heart of our journey - Traynor Family Vineyard. Since opening our doors in the fall of 2014, we've embarked on a voyage of discovery, growth, and innovation. Today, we take a moment to celebrate not just our wines, but the people behind them – our incredible team.

The Essence of Teamwork at Traynor

"Teamwork makes the dream work," they say, and at Traynor Vineyard, this couldn't be truer. Our journey has been shaped by every hand that has touched our vines, every mind that has poured creativity into our wines, and every spirit that has believed in our vision. From the vineyard maintenance crew who ensure every grape is nurtured to perfection, to our winemaking team that crafts each bottle with a blend of tradition and innovation, our team is the backbone of Traynor Vineyard.

Celebrating Our Unique Blend

Our team is as diverse and unique as our wines. We have long-standing employees whose knowledge and dedication have been instrumental in our growth, and new members whose fresh perspectives keep us dynamic and evolving. Together, we've redefined our business model, embracing nontraditional approaches to create pretty funky and unique wines. From Pet-Nat to Glou Glou, from Orange wine to our crafted vermouths and Piquettes, our team's creativity knows no bounds.

A Toast to Our Team

Each team member brings something special to the table. The winemaking team, with their crazy passion for innovation, aren't just employees – they're artists, their canvas being the vineyards, their paint the grapes of various hues. The vineyard maintenance crew works tirelessly, understanding that every vine and every grape is a step towards excellence. And let’s not forget our customer service team, the friendly faces who bring the soul of Traynor to every visitor, ensuring an experience as memorable as our wines.

Gratitude for Our Patrons

No story of Traynor Vineyard is complete without a mention of our amazing customers. Your support, dedication, and love for our wines have been our motivation. You’ve embraced our unconventional wine-making, shared our journey, and been an integral part of our family. We are deeply grateful for this bond we share, growing stronger with each bottle opened and every toast made.

As we look back over the years, it's clear that Traynor Vineyard is more than just a winery – it’s a family, a community, a dream realized through collective effort and passion. Here's to the people, the wines, and the memories yet to be made. Together, we aren't just making wine; we're making history.