Patio Season is Year-Round at Traynor

Patio Season is Year-Round at Traynor

  • Traynor Vineyards

When you think patio season in Prince Edward County, we are sure that the cooler days of fall, and the even colder days of winter don’t exactly come to mind. We like to believe that the outdoors should be enjoyed all year round, and even better if you can do that with a glass of your favourite wine in hand. 

The County is a magical place to visit in the quieter months of winter and really feels like you have a little slice of heaven all to yourself. There is a stillness in the air after a busy summer and even busier harvest, a time to pause and really take it all in. There is something very après ski about opening a bottle of wine and sharing it with friends bundled up in front of a fire, with a blanket of fresh snow surrounding you. We wanted to bring this feeling to life for our guests visiting in the winter when we were planning how to bring our patio to life beyond the summer months.



The winery truly never sleeps, and the winter is when a lot of the behind-the-scenes work happens, whether that is bottling new wine, labelling new bottles, getting wines ready to ship to our online guests or restaurant partners — there is always something to do to keep us busy. 

When visiting in the winter, you’ll be welcomed into our indoor tasting room in the heart of it all. The walls are lined with barrels of wine aging, awaiting their release, and we even added a fireplace to keep you cozy as Josh walks you through the latest line up at the bar. From there, it really is a choose your own adventure. You’re welcome to pull up a chair at the bar and enjoy your glass of wine indoors, along with our offering of snacks and pairings or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can bundle up and head outside.  



Our patio has been updated for the winter, with gas fireplaces to gather around, warm blankets to snuggle into and space heaters if that doesn’t do the trick. You can enjoy the calm beauty of winter, while sipping your wine of choice (which, we might add, will also keep you warm). 

We’ll be getting ready to release some new wines soon, so it is the perfect excuse to put on your toque and mittens and come give us a visit and experience winter in the County.