5 Best Pét-Nat Wines From Prince Edward County

5 Best Pét-Nat Wines From Prince Edward County

  • Courtney Evans

If you’re wondering what pét-nat even is, don’t worry, it’s a fair question. Pét-nat is short for pétillant naturel, meaning ‘naturally sparkling’ in French. This seemingly new wine trend actually pre-dates Champagne and is considered one of the earliest sparkling wine traditions. Known as the ancestral method, pét-nat is made by trapping carbon dioxide in the bottle, which creates a natural sparkle. It also creates a fun, fizzy and fabulous wine! 

Pét-nat is usually unfiltered, so it’s going to have sediment in the bottle and a cloudy appearance. But don’t worry, it’s all part of the pét-nat charm! While champagne is made with a strict combination of grapes, pet-nat has no rules so winemakers experiment with some really interesting blends. Because of this, flavours will vary, but almost always include some bright “funky” tastes! Pét-nat’s fresh flavours and lower alcohol make it perfect for daytime patio sipping. Or enjoy with dinner - like other sparkling wines, pét-nat is super versatile when it comes to food pairing.

We’re lucky here in Ontario that quite a few wineries are making pét-nat. Prince Edward County in particular has a lot of small wineries experimenting with natural wine making techniques. And pét-nat is the bubbly of the natural wine world! You’re probably eager to try this sparkling wine style, so here are the 5 best pét-nat wines from Prince Edward County. 

Traynor Pét-Nat 

Made from Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and a touch of Vidal the Traynor Pét-Nat is fresh, bright and aromatic. Purchase through the Traynor online shop for $40.00. 

Trail Estates Pét-Nat White 

The Trail Estates Pét-Nat White is a light and refreshing wine with fruity citrus flavours, a touch a sweetness and great acidity. Purchase through the Trail Estates online shop for $35.00. 

Hinterland Ancestral Rosé 

This 10th vintage of the Hinterland Ancestral has a delicious fruit-forward palate of tart strawberry and rhubarb. Purchase through the Hinterland online shop for $25.30. 

Grange of Prince Edward Chardonnay 'Untraditionale' 

The Chardonnay 'Untraditionale' is made in the ‘pét-nat’ style, giving it a light spritz and intriguing flavours. Purchase through the Grange of Prince Edward online shop for $29.00.

Rosehall Run Pét-Nat 

With its unique blend of several different wine grapes, the Rosehall Run Pét Nat has an edgy acidity and fruity funk. Purchase through the Rosehall Run online shop for $32.00.


By Courtney Evans