Meet The Team: Corrina Green

Meet The Team: Corrina Green

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There’s a lot that goes on behind-the-scenes at Traynor that makes the winery run smoothly, and chances are Corrina Green had something to do with it. From serving in the tasting room to handling the accounting, she has done it all. It all started in 2017 after her first visit to Traynor for a tasting — she immediately fell in love with the story behind the winery.  

Later that fall she noticed a social media post asking for volunteers to help with harvest, so Corrina signed herself and her husband up. This was when Corrina’s interest in wine really started and she thought harvest would be the perfect way to expand her learning. After her harvest experience she realized how much of wine is actually related back to the farming practices and the hard work it takes in keeping the vines happy and healthy throughout the year. She was hooked to the industry. In spring of 2018 she saw Traynor was hiring and the rest is history!

Corrina’s first role was in the tasting room serving guests. If you visited the winery back in 2018, it was a totally different experience, and Prince Edward County was a lot less busy. In February of 2019 the tasting room shut down for renovations, but by spring it was back up and running and that season Corrina came back as the Retail Manager overseeing scheduling, booking tours, hiring staff, website updates, social media and government reporting — you name it, she was doing it. In fall of 2019, Corrina lost her father and resigned from the winery to focus on herself and her family, but by early 2020 she couldn’t stay away and was working remotely and took on the winery’s accounting. 

With the winery’s growth and expansion, no two days look alike in her current role, but that’s what intrigued her about Traynor since the beginning. Mike is a young winemaker that likes to push boundaries, which usually results in something a little unconventional and definitely unpredictable at times. She is happy that she still feels connected to the winery even while working remotely, and that her opinion continues to be valued. She feels lucky to work somewhere where everyone truly does feel like family. 

Corrina’s favourite part of working at the winery is being able to witness and fully appreciate the entire process behind every bottle of wine. Harvest is definitely her favourite season at the winery — it’s the beginning of so many possibilities — the team starts to see the rewards of all the work they put in to keeping the vines and grapes thriving in the vineyard. She notes that there are many factors that make Prince Edward County so unique in the world of wine, but the thing that keeps it memorable for guests is the hospitality, the entrepreneurial spirit and the laid back vibe. The wineries and vineyards in the County are farms at their core and that passion is reflected in the wine — it is a labour of love.

Her go-to bottle of Traynor wine is the Pét Nat, white, red or rosé, she isn’t picky. She looks forward to the release of the Pét Nat year after year, not only for their flavour, but the history behind this style of wine, as well as the process that goes into making it. She loves how unpredictable each bottle is and how the wine is truly alive in the bottle.

Of course we had to ask Corrina her ultimate food and wine pairing, and she is all about the Cabernet Franc. Either some dark chocolate with a little sea salt, or a big juicy burger with a bottle of Traynor Cabernet Franc, and she will be happy. 

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