Inclusion Orange & Spice

Inclusion Orange & Spice

  • Traynor Vineyards

As the weather warms up, Prince Edward County starts to get busier with guests, and locals come out of hiding after a long, quiet winter. With summer just around the corner, some of our favourite restaurants start to reopen for the season, extend their hours, or start releasing their newest creations and updating their menus. We love that we can let our guests know about all the amazing local eateries in the County, and we especially love being able to pair our favourite wines with their meals. 

The Inclusion Orange always piques guests’ interest, especially those who have not yet tried orange wine, or just starting to explore this style. The Inclusion Orange is the colour of peach juice, reminiscent of childhood summers, with a hint of salmon — the result of blending skin-fermented Frontenac Gris and Sauvignon Blanc. This wine has evolved over the years, once upon a time only being Frontenac Gris, the Traynor team enjoyed experimenting with this wine this year and trying something different. The addition of Sauvignon Blanc added more green fruit notes and gives the wine a Jolly Rancher character, rather than Fuzzy Peaches. The acidity and tannin also soften. 

While this wine pairs perfectly well with sunny weather, a patio and good company, we also love pairing it with dishes that have a little kick to them — think Southeast Asian dishes. The spice balances out with the field berry notes and guava on the nose for a perfectly interesting pairing. 

One of our go-to spots in the County for unique Asian dishes is Idle Wild PEC, located in Wellington. Their menu is always rotating, and they also offer a wide range of vegetarian options. We knew the Inclusion Orange needed something spicy, so we went straight for their classic menu and paired the wine with Singapore noodles and shrimp. It’s also impossible to resist ordering the pork and kimchi dumplings — an absolute must.  

So, if you’re looking to spice things up during your next visit to Prince Edward County, or just want a break from cooking, come by Traynor to give our Inclusion Orange a try, and then say hello to our friends at Idle Wild PEC!

Do you have a favourite dish to pair with Traynor’s wines? Share them with us @traynorvineyard so we can taste them along with you.