Food & Wine: Your Sunday Best with Cabernet Franc

Food & Wine: Your Sunday Best with Cabernet Franc

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If we had to imagine the perfect way to end a fall weekend in the County, it would be slowly sipping through a bottle of wine, with the scent of dinner being prepared by one of the many talented local chefs. Sounds perfect, right? Now let’s imagine that, but in pyjamas while sitting on the couch at home. That’s a Sunday.  

With the nights becoming cooler and the darkness creeping up earlier, we have started to revisit a red variety that Mike Traynor says could be one of his favourites in Ontario, and we’d have to agree — Cabernet Franc. This wine is perfect for sipping solo, but with flavours that can match the hearty meals that start to take over the kitchen once the temperature begins to drop.  

Recently released, the 2020 Cabernet Franc’s tasting notes include black cherry, fig, clove, and chocolate, with a hint of anise and peppercorn. It’s soft, rich, and slightly warm, and we can’t get enough. When we asked what to pair this wine with, we were told it goes well with most meaty dishes, or anything with mushrooms. 

Right away we knew this was the perfect opportunity to check out one of the newest markets to open in Prince Edward County, Fawn Over Market, by Chef Alexandra Feswick. You can’t miss this market when driving into the County from Carrying Place — it’s your one stop shop for all things delicious. Alexandra describes the space as a chef-led grocery store offering local and specialty products, with prepared foods ready to-go. This space was born out of her desire to provide good food cooked from the heart and to connect back with the community. 

Throughout the week Fawn Over also offers nightly dinner specials, including their family-style Sunday Gravy feature — a sure-fire way to end the weekend. The menu is always evolving based on the season, but on this particular Sunday we were treated to homemade meatballs, pork cutlet and sausages with pasta, house focaccia and a chef’s salad. Drool. 

This meal was calling for Cabernet Franc, but instead of starting the night off with a glass of wine, we decided to try out a wine cocktail instead — enter the Cabernet Sour, which you can create at home here. Cocktail in hand, we warmed up the stove and turned on the oven, and within 15 minutes we had a feast before us. A generous pour of Cabernet Franc made the meal complete and was the perfect pairing to the red sauce and cuts of meat. 

The 2020 Cabernet Franc is delicious right now, but we’ve been told it will age very well, so best to grab a few bottles of this wine and try it out for yourself while staying cozy this fall and dare we say it — winter?  

Do you have a favourite dish to pair with Traynor’s wines? Share them with us @traynorvineyard so we can taste them along with you.