Savoury Wine Pairing for Two

Three awesome savoury treats paired with three unique wines for two.


$35.00 per person




Offered Hourly

About this experience


Not all of us have a sweet tooth, some of us like a little salt in our diet.  Around the winery, we don't generally get a chance to stop through the day and get a full meal.  We tend to snack away as we work.  Over time we have found a few items that we regularly keep around for our daytime snacking needs.  So we decided why not offer up some snacks that we love?  If you are a little salty like us, we built a package for you.  

This package is suitable for sharing between two people.  It includes three savoury snacks and two samples each of three different wines.

* Because there is preparation required, we generally need our pairing experiences to be booked 24 hours in advance.

** Please note that the snacks could contain allergens. There is not currently an allergen-free option for this experience.