Images of Pineau des charentes d'ontario from Traynor Family Vineyard a winery in Prince Edward County
Images of Pineau des charentes d'ontario from Traynor Family Vineyard a winery in Prince Edward County
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Tasting Notes:

Our Pineau dazzles with a vibrant golden hue. Aromas of candied orange and apricot mingle with hints of honey and spice. On the palate, it presents a harmonious blend of acidity and sweetness, featuring notes of pear and a creamy texture. The finish is a delightful interplay of acid, sweetness, and a warm alcoholic touch, leaving a rich, refreshing aftertaste.

Winemakers Notes:

This wine is born of serendipity. Late in the season, our grower Kevin offered us some unclaimed late harvest juice. Although we couldn't label it as 'late harvest' or VQA, we eagerly accepted.

Upon receiving the juice, we had no definite plan, but inspiration struck from my past. In the 1990s, as a student working in a wine shop, I was introduced to Pineau des Charentes, a fortified wine from France. Its delightful sweetness left a lasting impression.

To understand our wine, it's essential to know about Pineau des Charentes. The Charentes region, nestled within the renowned Cognac appellation, has a unique tradition. They fortify unfermented or partially fermented grape juice with Cognac and age it in oak barrels. The term 'Pineau' is a nod to this local specialty.

Our version utilizes Vidal grapes, connecting us to Cognac's history. In the mid-19th century, European vineyards were devastated by the phylloxera pest. In response, French botanists hybridized European and phylloxera-resistant North American vines. Vidal, a progeny of this effort and related to Ugni Blanc (the Cognac grape), was bred as a contingency for Cognac’s survival.

Our Pineau is an homage to this heritage. We fortified late harvest Vidal with spirits distilled from the same grape, crafting a wine deeply rooted in Cognac tradition, yet distinctly Ontarian. Aged in oak barrels, it matured into something uniquely ours.

Food Pairings:

This Pineau pairs superbly with a variety of foods, thanks to its balance of sweetness and acidity. Ideal matches include:

  • Cheese: Complements creamy and blue cheeses, like Roquefort, Camembert, or Brie.
  • Appetizers: Enhances flavors in melon with prosciutto, savory tarts, or paté.
  • Seafood: Ideal with rich seafood like lobster, scallops, or sushi.
  • Spicy and Asian Cuisine: Balances the heat in mildly spicy dishes, including Thai or Vietnamese flavors.
  • Desserts: Perfect with fruit-based desserts, such as tarts, fruit salads, or pastries.
  • Foie Gras: Elevates the luxurious richness of foie gras.

Technical Notes:

  • Varieties: Vidal
  • Appellation: Non-VQA
  • Production: 300 Bottles
  • Alcohol: 18.0%
  • Residual Sugar: 49g/L
  • Vintage: 2022