Traynor Family Vineyard is committed to the 100% satisfaction of our customers, and we want to hear about any problems you may experience.


Traynor Family Vineyard ships ACROSS CANADA, and ONLY TO THOSE 19 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER.  



A person who is not intoxicated and is 19 years of age or older (and has photo identification of proof of age issued to that person by a government) is required to be present at the delivery address to sign for receipt of this wine.


Faulty Product If you receive a wine that you consider to be faulty (off condition, corked, oxidized), within 90 days of its purchase date, please contact our Traynor Family Vineyard by email at . You may be required to retain the bottle of faulty wine (recorked and at least 3/4 full) for examination by the winery. Traynor Family Vineyard will make arrangements for the order and delivery of replacement bottles either at the time of a subsequent shipment or when our delivery agent is in the area. Please present faulty product to the delivery agent at this time, if required. There will be no additional charge to you for this shipment.


Broken or Missing Bottles If you receive an order from Traynor Family Vineyard and there are broken or missing bottles, you have 48 hours in which to follow this procedure and make the necessary arrangements to receive replacement bottles at no extra cost. You should e-mail with the full particulars. You should note the damage and missing and/or broken bottles when shipment is received and have such report initialed by delivery agent. Traynor Family Vineyard will make arrangements to order and deliver replacement bottle(s) - either at the time of a subsequent shipment or when delivery agent is in your area. Traynor Family Vineyard will follow-up with delivery agent as required to ensure claim is handled to your satisfaction. You will be required to save the neck(s) with cork(s) intact of any broken bottle(s), for retrieval by delivery agent at the time of redelivery, if so required by Traynor Family Vineyard or delivery agent.