Gamay Noir is a red grape variety that is known for its light-bodied and fruity flavours. Though we do not grow Gamay Noir ourselves at Traynor Family Vineyard, we source the highest quality grapes from Hillier Creek Estates in Prince Edward County, and Kirby Vineyards in Vineland, Ontario. The grape is a tender variety, so it requires protection from the harsh winters in Prince Edward County, but it thrives in the conditions of Vineland, Ontario.

Climate and Terroir:
Gamay Noir grapes are well-suited for the warm climate of Vineland, Ontario. The grape variety is sensitive to the cold and needs to be buried to protect it during the winter. The soil in the vineyard is well-draining, and the grapes ripen in late September and early October, allowing them to retain acidity and freshness.

Viticultural Considerations:
Gamay Noir grapes are light-bodied and fruity, making them a perfect addition to Pet-Nat, rose, and other light red wines. It's a vigorous vine, requiring a strong trellis system and proper pruning to manage yields. The grape variety is known for producing low yields, but the grapes that do produce are of the highest quality.

Wine Profile:
Gamay Noir grapes produce wine with a light-bodied and fruity flavour profile. The grape is known for its strawberry and raspberry flavours, with a hint of spice. The wine has good acidity and is versatile, making it suitable for a variety of wine styles. It's an excellent choice for light red wines, rose wines and especially Pet-Nat. We utilize the Hillier Creek fruit in our Hot Rocket and Ophelia Piquette wines. The Kirby Vineyards fruit is made into our Rose, Rose Pet Nat, Red Pet Nat, and of course our Gamay Noir dry table wine.

Gamay Noir is a grape variety that offers winemakers a unique flavour profile and high disease resistance. At Traynor Family Vineyard, we are proud to source Gamay Noir grapes from Hillier Creek Estate and Kirby Vineyards. These grapes are used in our popular Red Pet-Nat and Hot Rocket Pet-Nat, as well as a variety of other wines. Though not grown in our vineyard, the Gamay Noir variety is well-suited to the cool climate of Prince Edward County and Vineland, Ontario, and can produce wines that are complex, balanced, and delicious. We are excited to offer wines made from this grape variety to our customers.