Green Meanie Pet-Nat
Green Meanie Pet-Nat

Green Meanie Pet-Nat


Tasting Notes:
A lightly sparkling Pet-Nat made from Vidal grapes. Light straw gold in colour. Aromatic notes of Bosc pear, crab apple and candy floss. A subtle nectarine finish rounds out this wine.

Production Notes:
Alcohol: 10.1% Alcohol
Appelation: VQA Ontario VQA
Varieties: 100% Vidal
Vintage: 2021

Winemaking Notes:
For the last couple of years, Richard and I have been talking about making a Vinho Verde style white wine, and this was going to be the year. However, we loved the aromatic profile on this wine so much during fermentation that we thought we should accelerate the process and bottle it as a Pet-Nat.

We bottled at the very end of fermentation, this wine is low in alcohol, light, and just enough punch to keep it exciting.