Divine Indulgence: Chocolate & Wine Pairing Journey

Savor the exquisite union of handcrafted chocolates and fine wines, crafted by passionate artisans.

About this experience

Delight in the exquisite harmony of flavors during our Chocolate & Wine Pairing Journey at Traynor Family Vineyard, born from the passion and creativity of Winemaker Mike Traynor and Chocolatier Angela Roest. Over the years, our wine and chocolate offerings have evolved, but the dedication and craftsmanship behind them remain unchanged.

This 45-minute sensory experience features four expertly paired wines and chocolates, showcasing the delightful interplay of tastes and textures. Immerse yourself in this decadent adventure and discover the magic that occurs when artisanal chocolates meet exceptional wines.


  • Be aware that the chocolates may contain dairy and have come in contact with nuts. Currently, we do not offer an allergen-free option for this experience.