Chocolate & Wine Pairing

A delicious pairing of four Traynor wines with four Centre and Main Chocolates


$24.00 per person




Offered Hourly

About this experience

Winemaker Mike Traynor and Chocolatier Angela Roest had known each other for years.  As small business owners, time was fleeting, and other things always took precedence.  But one snowy Sunday afternoon, they were able to sit down together.  They ate a lot of chocolate. They drank a lot of wine and came up with the basis of what would become the first iteration of our delicious Chocolate & Wine Pairing.  The wines have changed since then, and so have the chocolates, but what is still the same is the passion of the people who make them.

This pairing takes around 45 minutes and includes four wines paired with four chocolates.

*  Because of the preparation required, we generally need our pairing experiences to be booked 24 hours in advance.

**  Please note that the chocolate could contain dairy and have come in contact with nuts.  There is not currently an allergen free option for this experience.