'20 Rosé Pet-Nat
'20 Rosé Pet-Nat

'20 Rosé Pet-Nat


We weren’t planning on making a Rose Pet-Nat, but we’re sure glad we did.  

We had a whole cluster pressed Gamay Noir Rose that about 70% of the way through fermentation was making us fall in love.  The fruit and aromatics were bursting out of the tank.  It’s perfume was filling the air.  We were racking our heads over how to capture that in a bottle.

Do you know the best way to capture fresh fermentation aromas in a bottle?  Bottle it.  So, random, time consuming project in the middle of crush was born.  

Bottled just before fermentation completed, the Rose Pet-Nat is what I imagine a strawberry/rhubarb pie would taste like if you could make it a drink with bubbles and alcohol.

100% Gamay Noir

13.2% alcohol