Mixed Pack of Light Whites
Mixed Pack of Light Whites

Mixed Pack of Light Whites


We decided we should put together a mixed pack of light, unoaked white wines.  We wanted to showcase the variety of flavours that can be achieved with different lighter styles of whites. 

This package is slightly different than some of our other packages that display a wider variety of winemaking techniques.  These wines are all made using similar winemaking methods.  No oak, a fair amount of lees stirring, slightly higher levels of acidity, and focused aromatics.  

As always, our wines are unfiltered, unfinned and vegan.

1) Unoaked Chardonnay- Light and breezy.  Full of tropical aromas and soft pallet.

2) Dry Riesling- Hints of key lime, slightly acidic and full of zip.

3) Sauvignon Blanc- Round and rich, with great aromatics of gooseberry, passion fruit and fresh cut grass.