Sparkling Mixed Pack
Sparkling Mixed Pack

Sparkling Mixed Pack


Not sure which sparkling wine to choose from?  How about a selection of six different Pet-Nat styled wines?

This pack includes the following wines:

New Release(s)

About the only good thing about 2020 was that it was an awesome vintage across Ontario!  We mixed up our pet-mat styles this year to focus on making the wines more fun and less serious   

  • 2020 Pet-Nat White:  A 100% Sauvignon Blanc tropical fruit explosion!
  • 2020 Pet-Nat Red:  Made by co-fermenting Vidal Blanc, Pinot Noir and Gamay Noir.  Light, lively and fruity. Almost like cherry bubblegum that you drink!
  • 2020 Pet-Nat Rose: A whole cluster pressed Gamay Noir Rose that was so aromatic and fun we decided at the last minute to bottle as a pet-nat to capture all the amazing flavours in a bottle.  Picture a strawberry/rhubarb pie, make it a drink and add bubbles and alcohol.  

Back Vintage

Something you rarely see in the Pet-Nat world is a back vintage.  This is a cool opportunity to see some (slightly) aged versions. 

  • 2019 Pet-Nat White:  Predominantly a whole cluster pressed Chardonnay (with a hint of Sauvignon Blanc) that has spent the last year in the bottle aging on its lees.  The bubbles have become very refined (compared to the young pet-nat) and it is starting to take on some bread like flavours from the yeast.
  • 2019 Sparkling Vidal:  This is another impromptu Pet-Nat.  Halfway through a skin contact fermentation we decided we really like the acidity and thought the fruit would be more suitable for a sparkling wine than what we had planned.  So a partially skin fermented Vidal became a partially skin fermented sparkler.  Light, acidic, slightly tannic and full of baked apple.  


  • Ophelia Piquette:  With our piquette, we take our softly pressed grape skins and put them back into a bin.  We then add some water, sugar and acid (to make it stable) and ferment on the skins for awhile. The wine is kind of treated like a red wine and extracts colour, flavours and tannins from the skin.  It’s a very interesting process and this Piquette is a blend of seven different grape varieties (red and white).