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Keg- Ophelia Piquette


Our Ophelia Piquette is now available in 20L kegs!  This wine is made exactly as we do for our bottles.  The only difference is the size of the vessel.  We actually ferment in the kegs to capture the natural CO2 (Keg Pet-Nat).  

Our Piquette is made from the skins of our varietal wines. We gently press the fruit and leave 20% of the juice on the skins.  We then take the skins add an equivalent amount of water and ferment the juice on the skins.  This process takes a couple of weeks.  We then press the skins, quickly settle the wine and bottle (or in this case keg).  The wine finishes fermenting in the keg making it sparkle.  

The end result is a delicious light rose style of sparkling wine. Perfect for summertime fun!


Product Notes:

  • 7% alcohol, bubbly and delicious.  
  • 20 L keg
  • Sankey keg connectors
  • Keg price includes $50 refundable deposit (refunded upon return)
  • Ships Ontario Only