Inclusion Orange Bagnum Pouch (1.5L)
Inclusion Orange Bagnum Pouch (1.5L)

Inclusion Orange Bagnum Pouch (1.5L)


Tasting Note:

The colour of peach juice with a hint of salmon.  A unique wine made from skin-fermented Frontenac Gris and Sauvignon Blanc.  Field Berry, jolly rancher and guava on the nose.  Soft with a hint of tannin.


Production Note:

Grape Varieties: 60% Frontenac Gris, 40% Sauvignon Blanc

Alcohol: 11.5%

Residual Sugar: 3g/L

Winemakers Note:

Our Inclusion Orange has gone through many iterations over the years.  The original version was strictly Frontenac Gris, but it has evolved to become more…  Inclusive?  We now blend Sauvignon Blanc and frequently Chardonnay with the skin-fermented Frontenac Gris.


We blend to add elegance to the wine.  Frontenac Gris is a very powerful variety.  It has very strong aromatics of cooked strawberry and campfire, and the acidity is very high.  When we blend the Sauvignon Blanc into the wine, we add more green fruit notes and the blend takes on an almost Jolly Rancher character.  The acidity and tannin soften.


This wine is bottled very young to help preserve the freshness.  It has not been cold stabilized and has sediment in the bottle.